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Sky Rockets

Happy new year 2018!

Twinkle eyed Sky Rocket and Sparkle pony Sky Rocket, the later being mischievous and setting of the fireworks too early.

Started this a few days before the year ended, so obviously inspired by new year :)
Did think about making fireworks and thought there was at least one pony with a fitting symbol. And well, they even had the same name XD
I took a very non serious approach once again and focused on having fun :)

Original size is A4, mostly coloured with copic sketch markers.

My little pony by Hasbro. This is fanart! :la:
Thank you for not re-uploading, copying, tracing or using my images elsewhere or in other similar ways!
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Love your MLP work, it's amazing as always!
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HeLIZacopter's avatar
You're welcome! :D
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Perfectly fitting pony for a New Years Eve picture!
I understand Sky Rocket is looking scared, so would I :XD:
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Thank you! :D

Me as well^^
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It is a very cute picture and I love the surprised expression on Sky Rocket. I think her colors are kind of dull, at least compared to other ponies.
But here it looks amazing.
Solkatt's avatar
Yeah, kinda strange of them to make a sky rocket themed pony less vibrant then so many others XD

Thank you! :)
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How did I miss this when it first came out?  Great piece!!!  Love seeing TE Sky Rocket drawn!
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Thank you! :heart:
I suppose there are other TE that are more frequently seen then her^^
GraveUnicorn's avatar
wow this came out really good the emotions, the colors and action!
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Loving the action in this piece. The facial expressions are fabulous, especially for ponies. Fantastic job!
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Thank you very much! :love:
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"I took a very non serious approach once again and focused on having fun :) (Smile)"

You killed me. I want to "have fun" like you!!!
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It's glorious to have fun like this! :D
Give it a try! ;D
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They both look absolutely gorgeous, well done! :clap:
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I love TE Sky Rockets expression! The whole drawing is great as always! :D
Solkatt's avatar
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omg those are old mlp ponies arent they? i love how you drew everything in this
Solkatt's avatar
Yes, they are the old ones :)
Thank you very much :heart:
blacknight71's avatar
And to think I did that to a whole mess load of firecrackers one year.
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