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My Little pony Twilight

Twilight, that's all XD
Never had this pony as a child but I think I am going to get the 'retro release' :3

I intended to do something 'simple' - I had a purpose to have it on a 'print product' but that didn't happen ^^;
Anyway, have another pony to look at! XD ( because they are soooo few in my gallery :0 )

Twilight by Hasbro
Thank you for not re-uploading, copying, tracing or using my images elsewhere or in other similar ways!
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She's so adorable!! 
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Lovely art style as always
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Your art style is always so pretty.
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She's very pretty. :aww:
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I keep thinking I had added you to my watch list and wonder every time I see your new art on places like OMGPonies why I was not getting notifications.  Duh!  I hadn't added you yet!  Rude, right?

Anyway, more cute pony art.  I really need to buckle down and do more art myself, but I've been focused on school and other RL issues and just haven't had the desire to draw.  Totally stressed with a lot of stuff.  Lotsa students would get that, I'd bet.

Anyway, I think she was one of my favorite early unicorns, other than Glory and Moondancer.  I always thought her little, "I wish, I wish, I wish . . ." was so cute, y'know!
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I think that happens to me all the time XD
I think I am watching people and turns out I am not :o

That's the students life. Maybe you can find small amounts of time to do sketches so once you have the time you have lots of great ideas waiting for you? :D

Oh, yes, she is so cute in that scene! I didn't even see it in a language I understood but I remembered it so well and longed to see it for years! That was before the internet XD
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Awww she's adorable <3
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She looks absolutely gorgeous here, I love the nice and simple composition! :love:
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Thank you! :D
Sometimes keeping it simple isn't easy :D
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I have to save money to buy you a commission
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oh sweet you :heart:
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Aww! She looks really lovely and sweet! :la: And such a nice clean composition/layout too! :D

Twilight is one of my favourite ponies :D
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Thank you! :D

Oh, that's nice! :D
Do you have her in your collection? :)
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I think I do, but she's standing in a hard to reach corner so I can't see her symbols, but the colors and pose is correct so hopefully I have her xD
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It's hard work for the memory to be a  collector, I know XD
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Yeah XD But it's fun! :D
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