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Lemondrop plays with Brandy

By Solkatt
Oh this is so unexpected!.. Because it's not only a pony! Right? XD
(Out of non-working jokes to start with, yes, yes)

There must have been moments when Lemondrop played with Brandy, just don't tell Bowtie what they are using as a toy! :heart:

As you may have noticed, I added some artistic freedom on Brandy and the inside of show stable. Imagination is free! :D
Hope they are still recognizable ^^

My little pony by Hasbro. This is fanart! :la:
Thank you for not re-uploading, copying, tracing or using my images elsewhere or in other similar ways!
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Love it!! So adorable. Your pony art always makes me smile, actually, whenever I buy a new pony (a store here gets all the anniversary editions of the gen 1 ponies) I think of your artwork!

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Aww, that is so sweet of you, thank you for telling! :heart:

(our stores are evil, we only got like two-three sets in ONE store online XD)

Kya-Valentine's avatar

You're welcome :D

That's just plain sad! They're so much more adorable than the new version. :(

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love it! so cute
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This is so pure and precious :heart:
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Ermahgerd, this is so sute! It's great to see Lemon Drop get some love as well, and I think Brandy look awesome here! :hug::heart:
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They look so cute playing together. :aww:
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Lemondrop and Brandy! I used to have these two as well as the show stable. Best toys ever. ;__;

I love how fluffy you've drawn Brandy. He deserves all the fluff. <3

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Men gu va SÖÖTA! Jiten vovve"
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lemondrop ^w^ Dont see her so often and really nice movement in the  picture :J 
Brandy looking cute as well :J 
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