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Krockard animation

For all of you who still remember Krockard from Falling Stars :heart:

Learning Krita for some fun with animation :)

Krockard © Solkatt
Thank you for not re-uploading, copying, tracing or using my images elsewhere or in other similar ways!
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© 2019 - 2021 Solkatt
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Awh, he is such a darling. Evil but still a darling :giggle:
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Haha, thanks! XD
Lege-Artis's avatar
Yea he was my fave character :D ofc i remember
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Awesome, thank you! :D
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Oooo I'm going to have to look more into this program now to see if it will make animation easier for me!
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I can recommend it! :)
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Does it have a line/brush stabilization of sort?
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I have experienced it as much smoother than Photoshop, a bit like Flash but with more control.
Not sure if there is a setting for it, but I guess there is (I was happy with the defaults)
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That is just one of the big things I'm worried about. I use line/brush stabilization in FireAlpaca and do all my coloring in photoshop.

I'll check it out when i get a chance though... some of the videos I looked into make it sound confusing.
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Yeah, Photoshops line/brush thing is a handful.

Small steps and the bits fall into place :)
Best of luck when you get there.
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:love: This is so freaking adorable :giggle: Awesome job :D
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