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Happy Bow-tie

By Solkatt
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*drops another pony image and runs*

My Little pony
Bow-tie | Bow tie | Bowtie (the variations I have found so far)
I chose to use the spelling from the backcards on the title^^, even if I personally think 'Bowtie' looks the most like a name XD

My little pony by Hasbro. This is fanart! :la:
Thank you for not re-uploading, copying, tracing or using my images elsewhere or in other similar ways!
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© 2018 - 2021 Solkatt
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Soooooo beautiful omggg rainbow heart 2

KobaltSteel's avatar
One of the few long-lasting Ponies... appearing in the "evil" G3
Kya-Valentine's avatar
I love the pose! She looks so happy :) I recently picked up the 35th anniversary edition of Butterscotch <3 I'm glad they're bringing them back out. 
Solkatt's avatar
Thank you! :la:

Oh, that's lovely! :D
Those meanies (whoever was in charge) didn't release that set over here :o
LadyYomi's avatar
Your MLP art is gorgeous! :D :love:

1st generation is my favorite pony artstyle, because they remind me of my childhood, he he :giggle:
Solkatt's avatar
Thank you! :la:

Well, same here :D
Emz-Artcorner's avatar
Wohoo, more ponies! You spoil us, dearie :iconlainloveplz:
celdragon's avatar
pls drop more ponies whenever you feel like it! :heart:
LunnaHowell's avatar
Looks so cute :heart: Love the color you always choose for your ponies x3!!!!
Solkatt's avatar
Aww, thank you!
When it comes to colours, nowadays I try to make it somewhat print-friendly XD
LunnaHowell's avatar

Your welcome x)! I've been trying to do the same thing when doing ilustrations lol or at least find a place where the prints came more closely looking to the original x'D

LittleKunai's avatar
Bowtie looks so pretty with all the ribbons around her. Love the colors and the shinyness.
Solkatt's avatar
SazerLite's avatar
Such comforting colors.  ^_^
TrueMefista's avatar
Aww, best girl *combs*
I still do not have one ><'
Solkatt's avatar
Me neither. Hope to get the re-release at least^^
TrueMefista's avatar
Same, tho I'd have to import it either way...
moonfeather's avatar
Ahhh Bowtie! She's my fave G1!!! Looove this!
Solkatt's avatar
That's lovely to hear! She sure is pretty!
Thank you! :heart:
equigoyle's avatar
She and Ribbon need to start a business where they produce ribbons and bows for ponies going to parties or something.  
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