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Glittery Sweatheart Sister Starflash

I honestly don't know what happened here, I just felt like doing something pony XD
Had a lot of fun making this! :D 

*Pony collector*, so I am still looking for an upgrade to Starflash to complete the set she is in. One day I might afford one, or another I might trade for one :la:
Just so you know someone to contact when you find one you don't want to keep ;)

My little pony by Hasbro. This is fanart! :la:
Thank you for not re-uploading, copying, tracing or using my images elsewhere or in other similar ways!
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Divider rainbow-comet right

One of the best I've ever seen of her , so bootiful U.U !!

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It's her! I found this pony at a garage sale or something when I was younger and I always liked her, even though her little flower piece was broken. I always thought she was a weird unicorn whose horn for some reason came out of the flower in her ear, but mine was broken. I have no idea.
But this pose makes her look so elegant and her long flowing locks look great~
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It's absolutely fabulous how childhood imagination works :D

Thank you! :heart:
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She looks amazing, just like always! :D The way you've captured her in this picture, I don't know how to say what impression she gives me... I know what I mean myself but I can't get it down in writing... Lets just say she has... "mpf"! :giggle:
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Det finns alldeles för lite fan art på dessa flickor! (Dessa flickor som i setet, inte att du har många ponnyer på bilden, för det har du ju inte.)
En dag ska jag också börja samla på dem, den där dagen jag vunnit på lotto och kan ha ett eget ponnyrum XD
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Ja, och om det finns massor så är det svårt att hitta XD  - jag har inte lyckats så bra at hitta fanart på dem nämligen, så jag får försöka göra lite själv XD
Mm, rackans att de inte bara kostar, de tar plats också XD
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She looks awesome. :aww:
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Such a majestic beauty! :love: 
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Fancy! She look all posh and stuff. 
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Wow! This looks really amazing! :la:
Pose and layout is awesome and the colours are so lovely! :D

Yay! Glitter! :la:
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Thank you! :heart:
Had it been more purple it might have made it to my wall XD
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SHS are my faves, great pic ^^
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Yay! Mine too!
Thanks! :la:
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Beautiful. I’ve got her on display in my room. One friend of mine thinks her eyes are a little creepy and remind her of the very creepy eyes of Generation four ponies.
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Oh nice! Do you have a  whole collection? :)
Haha, well the eyes are slightly different I suppose XD
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