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Apples for Applejack

How was it, there are too few ponies in my gallery, right?
Probably not! XD
I'm just in a fabulous pony-drawing mood, that's all :la:

Have some wonderful, sweet, first generation Applejack! :heart:

My little pony by Hasbro. This is fanart! :la:
Thank you for not re-uploading, copying, tracing or using my images elsewhere or in other similar ways!
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This is lovely! Such a warm bright day! And Applejack looks so sweet and beautiful! :la:
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Beautiful  work on her one of the first ponies
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The best Applejack <3 So sweet and lovely!
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I love the colours in this one :) 
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Hey =) this is an amazing picture of apple jack But Honestly,,,

it's just a shame that you screw up the photo with the name in the middle on apple jack.

Anyway it's ok ^^
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Sadly there are a lot of shops on the internet who makes their money by selling t-shirts, mugs, towels, etc. with art printed on them that they have stolen from people on deviantart and other art sites, so many artists are forced to put their names across their art so that these thieves will have a harder time profiting from their hard work :/
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Yes, that's the dark side of internet, once your art has been stolen(re-posted) by people and by other sites too many times, you do what little you can to at least say "hey, that was mine to start with" :faint:
Shame that it is needed :o
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I like how you drew her. Her body type looks a bit like a G2 or Sweetheart Sister's. Her expression is very serene. And I love how soft the plants and lighting are.
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aww, thank you!^^
Yes, they have similarities with their long slender legs (G2 and sisters), also the pilot episode ponies have slightly more slender legs - then the toys anyway XD
.. Aaand I like slender, so it mixes up into my style XD (on my next picture, perhaps a bit too much for some XD)
Thank you for finding her serene, I really wanted that, as if she was 'at peace' picking apples :la:
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Awh, doesn't she look absolutely gorgeous! :love:
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What a lovely sunny scene!  It makes me sad that apple season's over.
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Yeah! I think we had an unusually 'rich apple year' - in our town at least. The trees where so beautiful!
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Excellent job
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