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Aiming to steal a kiss

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Published: December 20, 2017
© 2017 - 2020 Solkatt
This was for another music-challenge!
Once again, Sootness chose a song for me and I chose a song for him. Draw a picture inspired by the song! :la:
Song: Strawberry Kiss Kiss - Tokyo Babylon

For months I tried to get a working idea, sketched many verisons with the only thing I knew for sure at the time, 'it should be Etran with one or many girls'.
Never really liked any of the ideas enought to move on with them.
So, yesterday this idéa just popped and the whole image happened the same evening! :D

The idéa - clear or not - is that Etran (the guy with the purple hair) intends to share the strawberry but tries to convince the girl (designed for this image, don't know who she is yet, dec 2017) to bite of half.
And she knows he will try to steal a kiss.
Because he has probably done so many times before - to others and possibly her as well.
Part of the plot is that she doesn't mind a chance to get a kiss from him, of course, but she doesn't want to look too eager either!

I intended this to be during his teenage, maybe he is 15-17 something.

Image and character(s) © Solkatt
Thank you for not re-uploading, copying, tracing or using my images elsewhere or in other similar ways!
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awww i can almost feel the warm air! 
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SolkattHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :love:
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Aww! Such a sweet picture! :la:
Really great poses too and their expressions tell the whole story! :giggle:

Etran looks very much like a normal teen boy, thinking he is clever and not noticing that the girl of course is far more clever than him... :rofl:
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SolkattHobbyist Digital Artist
I just love how you always get/understand/read the expressions I intend in my images :D
Thank you! :dance:
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Oh Etran, such a bad boy you are. And yet everyone wants you... Meow :3 
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SolkattHobbyist Digital Artist
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GwendelynHobbyist General Artist
It is a cute picture. I like how they are "playing" with their fingers.
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SolkattHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :D
So nice that you noticed their hands :heart:
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At first I thought this was two girls. And since your last picture was Yaoi I though it made kinda sense this was yuri, perhaps part of said challenge or something.

And when you said it was Ethran I was a bit confused, until i realized this is supposed to be early-teen Ethran. (Adult Ethran might be a pretty-boy, but he is an undoubtedly masculine pretty-boy.) And then I was like: Riiiiigth this makes sense now. 

Man, tween Ethran looks like a girl. And a pwetty one at that. :P
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SolkattHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, oh ain't you sweet, thinking I would make sense! :D

Thank you - especially for considering the adult Etran to look masculine :la:
Through most of his childhood and sometimes even teens he was confused for being a female, that's part of his story^^
And another part of it is: He grew out of that! XD

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When you put it like that, it sort of makes sense. He used to be very feminine-looking until he had a growth spurt in his teens and grew that hunky body. Perhaps he lifted weights and stuff to compensate...

He has a bishonen face on a Cris Hemsworth body. No wonder he gave Tani a nosebleed in that trade we did ages ago...
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SolkattHobbyist Digital Artist
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