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100 inspirations challenge

If you chose to get inspired – or if it happens by accident ;) - you may use this list as it fits you :heart:

Rules: Any medium, unlimited time (unless you limit yourself). Get inspired! :D
Use the inspirations as hints only for your images or use them as actual name of your pictures.
No need to do them in order.
Keep track of which ones youv'e done yourself ;)
Please credit the list by linking to this deviation so others may find it too :heart:

1. Cozy by the fireplace
2. Fun in the rain
3. Golden afternoon
4. Moonlight dance (*)
5. Playtime in a summer forest (*)
6. Spying on perfection (*)
7. Sleeping in your arms
8. A secret kiss
9. I will protect you
10. Isn't this all you ever wanted?

11. Tea on a sunlit balcony
12. I fear your dark heart
13. Delicious dinner party
14. Deep, dark rage (*)
15. By the calm water (*)
16. Autumn palace
17. Sparkling winter costume
18. I dare you, release the beast
19. Whispering sorrow
20. Sorrow is a lonely heart

21. A very dangerous dream (*)
22. This, our adventure of the brave!
23. Secret hideout
24. Keep me warm
25. Feed me with your anger
26. I want to catch rainbows tonight
27. Glorious evil! (*)
28. He has no shame (*)
29. Theirs is a fatal love (*)
30. Glorious morning rituals

31. A flower scented bath
32. Cold shower
33. Confused travelling party
34. Enticing whip of leather (*)
35. Crimson blood attracts (*)
36. Enjoying a stormy weather
37. These are all my toys
38. This is everyday for me
39. Untamed attraction
40. Garden of sins

41. Punishment worthy of a king
42. An unexpected gift
43. I made this for you!
44. Flowerbed and summer breeze
45. Creativity doesn't come easy to all
46. Beautiful beyond belief (*)
47. Cooking can be a messy activity
48. Chained and seduced (*)
49. Share, or regret not doing so!
50. The best dreams are always winged (*)

51. Perfectly hot
52. Glow in the dark butterflies
53. Bedtime tantrum
54. Carrying a lot
55. Strongest of them all
56. Early morning walk
57. Wake up, sweetie
58. Welcome to my nightmare
59. Look, it's you!
60. The stars might tell on us

61. Shaded by the apple trees
62. Dressed up as a hero
63. Their favourite street for mischief
64. This is one messy room!
65. Moment of hysterical laughter
66. Pure dreams
67. Bubbles of happiness
68. Give me all your attention!
69. Impressive amount of self control
70. Give in, give up, let me own you!

71. Can't resist anymore
72. Accidental meeting
73. Bathtime distress
74. Springtime romance
75. Failed to impress
76. Poison for you
77. Afternoon relaxation
78. Mounted race
79. Theatrical performance
80. A change of style

81. Dubious pest control
82. Magnificent loneliness! (*)
83. Life has a silver lining (*)
84. Hidden pain still hurts (*)
85. The starry eyes of the enchanted (*)
86. Tempted by darkness (*)
87. Lured by light (*)
88. Yellow eyes of the wild (*)
89. Do not fear insanity (*)
90. A secret desire (*)

91. Life's greatest pleasure (*)
92. He has a nasty mind (*)
93. Once in a blue moon (*)
94. Sometimes you are sweeter than sugar
95. Breathtaking bedtime story
96. Playing in the forbidden room
97. Dirty, heavy work
98. Collecting wild flowers
99. Dazzling domesticated birds
100. Too drunk for dancing

The creation of this list was very much assisted by Sootness (*)
I've had my eyes on different 100-lists but felt like I needed something that could aid me for scenes :D
So, had been thinking of this for a long time, mentioned it to Sootness and thanks to him it is now finished! :la:

Sootness have some experience making lists, one sample:
100 Flavors Challenge
© 2016 - 2021 Solkatt
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Mademoiselle-Z's avatar
Wah that's awesome ! Thank you for this  Llama Emoji-74 (My kawaii cheeks) [V4] 
WholockFan33's avatar
This might be just what I need to break my art/writer's block, awesome! Anyways, these are really good little kick-starters, great job!
Solkatt's avatar
Lovely to hear! :la:
Best of luck breaking that art/writer's block! :)
ariieve's avatar
ooo thank you. This is so much better than the typical vague lists. Ive been searching for something like this forever! I probably wont do them all but thanks for coming up with all these prompts! should be great practice for me :D
Solkatt's avatar
Happy if it helps :D
Beane-Cat's avatar
This is really cool! :D
LualaDy's avatar
This is a very interesting list!
Solkatt's avatar
NightTracker's avatar
Very awesome list!! 
I really am picturing things from a lot of these! Will have to save this list, for sure! Thank you to you and your friend for sharing! 
Solkatt's avatar
It's great if it inspires! :D
Gwendelyn's avatar
Copied this to a document and printed it! Some of this might come in handy for inspiration. I feel like some of them might actually work in some "scenes" of my story! :D
LarraChersan's avatar
Sounds like a great list! Some things already put pics into my mind. ;)
Solkatt's avatar
That's great! :D
I hope, unless you didn't want more ideas at the moment XD
LarraChersan's avatar
No worries, I am working on some things right now, but there is always time to doodle. ;)
Sootness's avatar
Work has begun! EVIL Laughter!

Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. 
Solkatt's avatar

*let me hold your candy while you are busy drawing*
Sootness's avatar
No! You may NOT hold my candy! :nuu:
Snake557's avatar
*Snake jumps and grabs your candy then hops away*
Sootness's avatar
Aaaah! My candy! :nuu:
Snake557's avatar
*suddenly, a two years worth of dump trucks filled with candy come to you* 
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