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  • Reading: Some crime story by Hakan Nesser
Hi folks!
Since the 5000 Hit-Mark is coming up I kind of feel obligated to finally start writing to you guys and keep you updated on my work.

First of all: Thank you all so much for your watches, faves and comments! Your feedback is precious to me and keeps me following the path down the long and winding road of becoming a comic artist. I keep worrying about my skills, though - but of course, which artist doesn't? It's just a very crowded market, a vast field of dreamers like me, and sometimes I don't feel very much up to it.

Anyway! I'm happy to be able to say that my first publishing, the 24pager "Zero Damage", is in print right now and will be to sale middle of September in Germany via or :boogie: The collection it's contained in will be called "Hungry Hearts 3" by Schwarzer Turm Verlag.

If you're going to the Connichi, one of the biggest german Anime/Manga-Conventions, you can stop by the desk of Schwarzer Turm and say hello to me (I might even draw you something!) ^^ I'm also be doing desk duty at the table of, the german equivalent to ACEO Cards. In the printing projects of this year you can find some cards by me, purchase prints and some originals, and look into the fine ACEO-calendars we've prepared for 2009. In the Japan- and Shonen Ai-calendars, you can also find cards made by me. Wheeeeeee~!

I draw a lot, but still I have the feeling that it's not enough. I actually have a bunch of things I could upload her for you to see, but somehow I never find the time to do so. Probably I should just stop to write commentaries to my works, that takes the longest after all, and I don't know if you even read it ^^; If you find the time you can let me know your habits on that matter.

Sometimes I lack inspiration, especially for bigger artworks the ACEO cards. What would you like to see? More Final Fantasy XII? More of my own characters? Or some more game related or other fanart? I'd be glad to hear your opinion ^^

So, off to the pencils again, got some contests to participate. Talk to you soon.