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Dreaming of Beauty

More shameless E/M shipping.

I will never quit.

But seriously, this took forever.

Phantom of the Opera © Gaston Leroux
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© 2015 - 2021 Solitaire-Me
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I am totally up for more Meg and Erick art though. Wish you were here more often with things like these! 
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*clapping like it's the end of a great play*
silent-observer2's avatar
It's very beautiful. I really admire it!Heart 
RedRoseBlackRibbon's avatar
I love the picture, but not the pairing. Still, nice work.
Solitaire-Me's avatar
Haha, fair enough! Thank you nonetheless. :)
noae123's avatar
beautiful and inspiring :)
Eriklover12345's avatar
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees also I love how Erik is uber tall and she's ity bity ^-^ just love that
bananaboo2's avatar
Beautiful! I love the organic ornamentation. Very Mucha-esque! :D
magikstock's avatar
This is so gorgeous! I love it :love:
jacindaadams's avatar
It looks awesome. X3
WritterInTheArtHat's avatar
This a AMAZING! Christine looks beautiful and Erik looks mysterious.
MaskedNightingale's avatar
Finally a Leroux Meg :)
LaLadayCavalier's avatar
Absolutely stunning and unique!!! Great job, I love it so much! >w<
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While I don't ship Erik and Meg (actually, I ship human ego having a long affair with Jesus, Buddha and Mohamed on a psychiatric couch so Erik can have a larger pool in which to ship) I have to say that this is breathtaking.  I love the Phantom in Art Nouveau settings - the physical contrast is riveting - the visual compliment to his soul and the music he creates.  Very nicely done!
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oh my god, i love this.
u're awesome :rose: 
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looooooove this 
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This is beautiful!!
LunaticDuplicate's avatar
This is amazing. c:
ulqui-nyanXD's avatar
Bloody brilliant, AMAAAAAZING!!!!! :squee::squee:
Godmusic's avatar
Simply gorgeous. I love Erik´s cloak and Meg´s hair with flowers, so precious :3
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