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The Future's Orange SE Theme

One of the brightest and most colourful themes yet :XD: Now works with 22 phones!

Filelist (might have missed some):
TheFutureOrange320240v46.thm: W910, Z750 and even K850 ;).
TheFutureOrange320240v45.thm: K790, K800, K810, S500, W580, W830, W850.
TheFutureOrange176220v45.thm: K550, K610, Z610, Z710, W610, W660, W710, K530.
TheFutureOrange176220v4.thm: K600, K750, W700, W800.

Update: If anyone wants thier own message/name on the main wallpaper, feel free to ask and I'll customise it for you :).

© 2007 - 2022 solinus9
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Absolutely fabulous! Minimalism at its best!
i want it!! i want it!!
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great work there, pal!

could you customize it to my name?
just 2 letters, Jm. (with dot)

thanks a ton, bro..

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Very Nice, I Download it!
Chupisfunky's avatar
veyr nice... thanks.
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Looks Great!
Can I request you to customize it for me with my name? "Andy"
I'll understand if you can't for any reason.

Thanks :)
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Oops, Should've asked, which phone is it for?
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Yeah, Sure, I'll post it in a reply to this comment later :D
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Dude... kindly make for my humble SE J300i phone??? Thanks ^_^
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Yeah, sure I will :). Mights as well make all my themes for 128x128 phones ;), :D.
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Thank you pals~~~ you are the best.... ^_^
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Hey, Sorry, but I might not be able to customise this for your J300i, I'm very busy at the moment, but if I have time - I'll do it. :)
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Ok dude, take your time... :)
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so this wont fit k750? :(
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No it doesn't sorry :(, all my new themes should be compatible with it, but I can't make this one compatible, sorry.
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That’s too bad! This theme is beautiful! It’s great to hear that your new themes will be compatible with the k750.

P.S. I have some knowledge with the SETC and if you are willing to send me the source files of this theme I could probably be able to make it for the k750/w800 series. And ufcorse all the credits will go to you ;)
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Hehe, sorry, but I was already working on it, and it's ready now :D. You need the TheFutureOrange176220v4.thm!

Enjoy :)
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WOW! :drool: Thank you! Keep up the GREAT work! ;) :wave:
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This one is really awesome and original! :D
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