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:iconsolinthedragon:SolinTheDragon posted a status
Clan: lakeclan
25 moons
Yellow fur, white on yours paws besides one, white coming from his muzzle to his under belly, white on his tail, brown stripes like his father, yellow eyes,brown around his eyes
Mate: patches (Medicine cat)
Kits: Hollykit,emberkit
Mother: Silvertail
Father: Scorpionstar
Brother: Raccoonmoon, Rowenthorn
Sister: Squirrelfrost, Silverstone, flareleaf
Aunt:Daisyclaw, Lilly
Uncle:Shellstripe, Fernstorm
Cousins:Passionnight, Tinywind, Breezejump,Applebreeze,Passionkit, Amberkit
Nieces:Pebblekit,Squirrlkit diamondkit
Nephews: Shadowkit,radioactive, forestkit
Granddad: sun

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