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After u download this go and click on its folder
When that happen u will see grassmesh, click on it and it will take you to grass and grass.object . go to grass and copy everything  
Next go to feral heart folder and to media then objects. Click on objects and go to my objects , paste what you have copy into that folder
Now go back to the download map folder and back to grassmesh but just copy grass.object and take it to feral heart folder then hit exports and paste grass.object there and boom you done once in the game head to cape of distance world and to the blue portal
The hay was warm and nice putting me into a deep slumber but a soft paw had hit my nose I open my eye to see mint she was growing like a weed in these past moon and was very hungry to" Ashton I'm hungry"mint mew with rounded eyes , I rose to sit and stretch from my warm nest" what do u want to eat then mint?"I look down at her"well.... Ummm what's there besides a mouse Ashton"I was surprise on what she said mint never really ask for anything else besides mice,I sigh and got making my way to the hole we came in at and look at the white ground the feel of the cold breeze frozen my bones to the brim with all my might I walk on searching for rabbit if I was lucky, as I past the fallen trees a hint of rabbit scent hit my nose I got low looking around till out of the corner of my eye the rabbit graze on open patch of grass that was not cover in snow slowly making my way to the rabbit I stop as the breeze caught my scent and drift it to the rabbit with its sharp scenes it look up but before it did I scurry to the opposite side of the rabbit with the opportunity I have I lunge forward and landed awkwardly on it hearing a terrified screech quickly I got seeing it dead I must have broken it's neck with my hind leg but I was lucky to have done it, without it mint would have starved so would i ,I pick it up by its scruff and drag it back to the barn I could mint impatiently waiting seeing the dark greyish blue kit bounces towards me"Ashton u caught a rabbit and it's big" I squeeze my self in the whole with the rabbit and set it down on the warm hay with curiosity mint poke and pulled at the rabbit fur but failing" let me do it for u mint and teach you how pull the fur off " and with forceful pull the fur rip away and a nice for patch to showing the pink skin of the rabbit my stomach growl at the sight of it but the smell was making my mouth water " u go first mint I'll wait till your down eating" "U sure Ashton I mean I haven't seen u eat at all really this past days" I look mint with concern but quickly brighten my mood" yes I'm sure mint go ahead" without thinking twice she dove in taking big bites a shadowy figure had enter the barn I sat up fur bristling claws out ready to fight till I seen who it was, his fur was like snow but while his paws, ears were black along with the tip of his tail and the black like mask that appeared on his face, quickly I turn away as a blush came across my face"Ashton is that really you "The Tom scurry over to me his blue eyes was caught in my green ones "yes it's me James but how did u get here and were the others" so many questions came spilling out but I see James was couldn't answer all of them" calm Ashton now first how did I get here well I track your scent second the other made it out but some didn't...third want to come back with other" my ears perk up in delight so I nod to his question, out the corner if my eye mint had stroll over to us looking at James with narrow eyes"who are u stranger"her fur bristle  with her curl lips forming a growl" mint this James one if my friends and James this is mint my sister"mint tense face relax and sat beside me" hello James sorry for the rude welcome" James face soften" it's ok mint and hello to u to"I watch as James and mint talk and with rabbit still there I ate till I couldn't eat no more, then  something catch my eye I look over to the hole and I thought I was going crazy but I thought I seen a cat got on all fours and follow the cat outside but didn't see it I scan the area and saw it again but his fur was black and short with a very short tail, his amber eyes glaze over to him and with the blow of the wind that kick up the snow he was gone with a worry look so I went back inside and bump right into James our muzzles touch briefly as I drew away with a small red bush across my face"didn't see you there Ashton I was talking to mint about if you and her want to come and start with the gang she agree but what do u think Ashton"I pause for a second and answer"yes it would be nice to see them again and there are kits your age mint" mint whisker twitch and smile, with one word we set out heading back to the twoleg city and what lies for us there new friends and new enemy's a lot was changing and with this change a threat grew like a forest fire
Everything around me was burning i only see the fire that engulf the two leg nest me and my family hid in, I search around for my mother but couldn't see her or smell her till I heard a painful cry , with the courage I had left I broke into a run heading towards the cry I stop to a halt to see my mother have crush under the burning wood I call out to her to see if she still live she look up at me eyelids half close and smile knowing she can't escape this fate,A shadow ran past bolting to my mother with a small kit dangling in his jaws he put the kit down and uses all his strength to push the wood away but it fail leaving him with burns on his shoulders, I screwy to him but he stop me I look up at him eyes tearing with many emotions surging through me like lighting, my father told me to promise and watch out for my sister , with the fire blazing around burning my pelt I nod to his words and took my sister dashing away my father words telling me to keep running straight and never look back rang in my ear as I panic but that panic went away when I see my chance to escapes immediately I pick up speed going faster and faster with a push off my back legs I leap out the hole and onto the next twoleg nest roof I lay mint down to take a breather I look back at the burning den the grew like a star,I look at mint her mews were in distress and tired with one more look at the den I pick up mint and left to find shelter so I walk on paws aching and burn but my determination kept me going...