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Venom by SolinTheDragon Venom by SolinTheDragon
Father to both falconblood and soot and ex mate to amberpelt, he can be very lay back and carefree at some point the rest of the time he aggressive and will lash out, Venom father rattle rarely gave him some father and son time but venom brother adder was getting that time making venom jealous towards adder, one night during patrolling him and adder venture to far into lakeclan territory were they came across Scorpiontail(star) sleep by near the lake, venom talk into his brother to injury the Scorpiontail but adder refuse just before adder could move his paw away from Scorpiontail face venom scared adder to the point we're adder had claw Scorpiontail face by accident, with fear adder ran away follow be the venom once back at home venom lied on adder saying that adder did what he please so rattle punish adder the same way Scorpiontail was leaving a nasty scar on him venom was please that finial his father can recognize him even making him leader of his group, one day taipan(venom third cousin) was patrolling when venom attack the white Tom alone but with more experience taipan took him down and chase him away along with venom group, after begin banish out of the two leg city venom came across Amberpelt lone on patrol , he remember the grey marble she cat when she was younger, there he ask her to be his mate be she denied only angering the Tom to do something very unforgettable and scaring Amberpelt for life, with venom gone back to his duties he found out that has know two kits and the only was to get them is by taking them away, after Amberpelt clan slept venom sneak in taking falconkit and sootkit, both of them were able to walk but not for long he told the kits that he was there father and that there were going to a better place but leafbare was apond them and it snow hard, venom lead to them to a den till it was over but it for worse, both falconkit and sootkit were freezing and soon to die but venom kept them close and warm even though he was freezing to,unlike his father venom had began love his kits even though he wasn't there for there birth he even play with them, venom came to his senses and took the kits back to the nursery before everyone woke up, he promise them that someday he will return to see them again

Rank: leader
Dark gray pelt with darker gray spots and light gray on his muzzle to his under and left paw
Mate: Amberpelt(dead)
Kits: falconblood soot
Father: rattle
Brother: adder
Cousin: he got to many but I'll draw them all some day
Jaffacatt Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
I love the way his expression is and the background!
Thats a harsh backstory tho.
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November 12, 2015
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