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Trip to the nuresry by SolinTheDragon Trip to the nuresry by SolinTheDragon
Urisa taking a day off to visit alexis in the nursery due to alexis losing a wing she unable to take part in the drop spending another 2 years in the nuresry

built deep within a mountain to the protect there young, the nursery is a large cavern built and constructed by the kingdoms builders which are the earth dragons who are able to burrow there way in the mountain while they might play the part of a builder the rest of the kingdom has a part as well building there castle they favor mountain rang, large area of plateau, deep in the isle massive rainforest that covers most of the mainland region. there are three levels of the floors in the nursery the bottom floor is the hatchery for new eggs and hatchlings who are 12 months old once they hit 13 they move to the middle floor where most of the smaller fruit trees grow providing food the dragon cubs who now have teeth after another 12 years they will move to the last floor after the last 12 years is up there wings will be ready for there first flight which they are taken high up in the mountain creator just below 1,000 mts nothing to high for the cubs but enough for them to stretch there wings but don't worry there are watch post at the bottom of the tunnel incase a cubs gets to close to the ground they can be safely catch by the guards and wait for the next day to drop again until they learn how to fly, if they accomplish there flight on the day of the drop they be will be allowed to leave the nursery an live amongst the rest of the kingdom above ground for the first time in last 3 years since there isolated away from the outside world but during the mother's grazing time outside the nursery they can bring there young with them but to ensure protection to the mothers and there young a queen or king accompany them while they graze 
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September 6, 2017
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