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Paradise Archipelago by SolinTheDragon Paradise Archipelago by SolinTheDragon
I'm not really good at maps but hey its a work in progress

Southern kingdom (main location in the story)
Northern kingdom
Western kingdom
Eastern kingdom

^Land marks^
*blood river: spilled from the those who had fallen in the dark wars this large rivers flows from one end to another unlike any other river 
*Lost ruin: the lost ruin was once a large hatchery for the four kingdoms keeping peace amongst them as they can rejoice with there new born's that change, 100 years ago before solin birth the hatchery was attack a day before the egg could hatch by a unseen force, slaughtering the kingdoms eggs and even the royal heirs besides the dragons lost the hatchery was share with the griffn and other species who live along the dragons peacefully also lost there young, having to accept there mass lost the idea of the nursery begin under the castle was brought into mind and from there the nursery is well built with only one way in and one way out  

Archipelago sits in the middle of Uicane ocean surround by hurricane eternal and with the on going hurricane and stormy sea archipelago was removed off the map for they have believe the island had sunk in the ocean some consider it a urban legend but only a few know of the island existent and dare to travel in the hurricane to reach this long forgotten ancient island which was used for a hideout during the dark war for the dragons to use and travel from the mainland to Enteonsstan ( 1/9 continents that haven't been discovered yet on the isle due to vast ocean separating continents with great distance) now it lies in the eye of hurricane eternal safe and protected.
inside of hurricane eternal on paradise archipelago life still continues as there are four of the oldest kingdoms (ill tell that tale another time how they came about) but ever paradise has its dark secrets one is the blood river that splits the island in half and it lays between the southern and northern lands some say the blood is alive from there fallen kin who died defending Archipelago when Teommis found island there the final battle took place between the dragon kind and Teommis, the fact about the blood begin alive is true a healer from the western lands had discover this when she was wounded by the foul river seeing the blood move and towards her open wound seeing this extraordinary sight letting the blood enter her wounds she past out and when she woke her wound was healed but she had gain abilities from the pervious own of the blood which had mix with her own, after her experience with the blood she warned that it was far to dangerous to be near the river even when wounded for the blood will either consume you the creature to keep it flowing or enter your body but there is a good and bad side effect to the blood chemical make up, even going to the forbidden forest where the river is forbidden to enter 

Paradise Archipelago belongs to me
SolinTheDragon Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD lol
silverfang2242 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
The wester kingdom lands and northern lands seem to have a white and orange guardian sun dragon in em....hmmmmm i wonder XD
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