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New dawn: Solar System by SolinTheDragon New dawn: Solar System by SolinTheDragon
Dragontooth galaxy:(solin home galaxy)
dragontooth galaxy is a colorful place filled with nebulas from the constant dying stars but news star are born in there place
(??? 805)

*Reezentot cloud (even though this nebula might seem close its very far)
Rezzentot cloud is a beautfil spiral jellyfish nebula that was formed by a dying super giant and can be seen from isle northern poles, the nebula gets its name from Rezzentot one of the first dragons to reach to the main land(Gentoa) and help start a rebellion against teommis who wanted to dominate the creatures on isle, the war lasted 400 years until teommis was slain causing him to lose his powers, yet rumors has it that teommis lays rest in the deep within a cave slowly gathering his powers and waiting for the moment to rise    
*Pepper galaxy
(shape of a pepper)
*Phoenix galaxy
(shape as a great phoenix)

Vortax(orange star)
The size of Polaris, vortax is a orange giant star which has isle,mauria,skukatis,uatania and zacapus in its orbit, unlike normal stars vortax is alive its self able to share half of its life force with intelligent living organism who can use the star powers, once its found a body to share the star helium supply stops making the star eternal, but if the host dies the star will lose all control of the stored up helium exploding the collapse star destroying any life to near by planets in there orbit  

*Pool of life
A giant meteor that floats above the isle sheltering newly born organism, once the pools inside the meteor is filled during tropical season on isle big massive air vacuums pushes against air against the holes in the huge meteor flushing out the organism that will get swept up by the tropical clouds in isle atmosphere mixing the organism in the rain allowing new life to develop on isle and to isle neighboring planets  

*Isle*(solin home world)
Isle is larger then Neptune with its lush dense forest to the wide vast ocean and scorching desert lands reaching up to mountain terrain and running though its golden plains besides its amazing landscape it houses over 108 million different species,only 6 continents have been discovered yet 9 still remain un check, and with its growing oxygen supply from the massive trees an plant life some of the oxygen is spilling out air vacuums to shoot into space and to the pool of life, in about the next 346 years oxygen will spread from isle to mauria,skukatis,uatania,zacapus making it breathable and a new way to travel to and from isle neighboring planets
Mauria is known for its swampy landscape and open fields temperature changes from hot to cold during the night
Skukatis is a dry cold planet with little forest that is the color of soot surrounded by large rocky mountains and the grass are dull and gray, yet making it a habitable place for life to live
Unlike its neighbors uatania is a ocean planet with small islands scattering across the ocean, majority of life on the planet lives in the sea
All the plant life on Zacapus is purple due to the chemical change in zacapus atmospheres from vortax solar flare burst breaking into zacapus atmosphere trapping deadly gases which is swept by tropical storms forming poison gas clouds, it is habitable for certain creatures that can with stand the poison storms

my own solar system that ive been working for my new dawn comic 
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