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Milkstream by SolinTheDragon Milkstream by SolinTheDragon
don't steal or copyright 
milkstream belongs to me
Leopardclan belongs to jaffakitten 

name: milkstream
Gender: Tom
Pelt: black and orange unlike his father who is black an white
mate: Rosethorn
Kits: silencekit

born an raise in Leopardclan
Milkstream was the runt in his litter and bullied by his sister's
mostly by leopardshine who later on regret her actions towards him.
During his apprenticehood milkstream society with a few of his
clanmates only because the constant deaths in and the distrust amongst the clan 
making him weary towards other even kin. 
after the arrival of a mysteries group of cats who deam there selfs cougarclan began
there tyrant reign over the surrounding clans and even leopardclan,hurting the clans numbers by 
stealing there kits ordering assignation from within there own clan
who had contact with cougarclan though the darkforest by bloodstar
at that point nobody was trusted...
determined to help his friends milkstream cross over to
cougarclan border in hopes to find falconblood who was doing
undercover work in cougarclan, but milkstream was caught by a
cougarclan patrol, fleeing in fear after killing one of the patrol cats who attack
him milkstream had lost sight of the patrol but was quickly found by a cougarclan apprentice rosepaw 
who he caught feelings for briefly before begin chased into the river
swimming all the way home incase cougarclan was in pursuit.
after his warrior ceremony milkstream had stumbled upon
rosepaw who was a warrior now was banish for false treason and 
taking her niece and nephew (Maplekit,strikekit) hoping for a better life for them 
then the war began uniting all five clans to fight against bloodstar region
once the war was over milkstream settle down with rosethorn and even
mentor gingerpaw falconblood son. 
the day of his kits birth a badger intrude into camp and rush the nursery,
knowing that he wouldn't take it down milkstream guard his kit from the badger who 
killed milkstream

died to a badger for protecting his kits 
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September 15, 2017
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