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Falconblood Ref 2018 by SolinTheDragon Falconblood Ref 2018 by SolinTheDragon
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Clan: Leopardclan
Gender: Male
Species: Red marbled Bengal
Age: 34 moons
Rank: Senior warrior
Mate: Passionnight
Offspring: Gingerpaw, Amberkit, Newkit
Mother: Amberpelt
Father: Unknown?
Sibling: soot but is now Rayna and exile
step-father: Splitstar
Half-siblings : Cloudwhisker ,Leopardshine {Milkstream (deceased)}
Half-Kin: Otterdawn,Elkpaw,Leafpaw,Pondkit,Beekit,Silencekit,Sheepkit,Echokit
Details : Bolero fur with marbled Bengal pattern and silver eyes an a purple collar

as a kit falconblood kept to himself but still socialize with his littermates
his sister and mother was the only thing he had that was kin soon after he
grew close to splitface and saw him as a father figure but that all changed
when the neighboring clans came together and invaded Leopardclan forcing
them into the harsh terrain of mountain luckily with the surrounding
forest that shields the clan, finally secured and safe leopardclan had time to re-grow but
in that growth falconpaw saw the sudden change amongst his clanmates as bitter
ambition grew within the ranks of the clan soon nobody was to be trusted even his
sister turned away from him and with his mother busy aiding the clan. After his second week
of begin a apprentice his sister soot acknowledged him again and the two where back to normal
one night as falconpaw and soot patrolled on there own without there mentors both
apprentices had explored further away from the clan territory and into the steep mountain side
where they came across a couple of mountain goats with curiosity soot toyed with the goats
which aggravate them, now chasing the startled apprentices the goats mange to separated
them corning falconpaw on the cliff edge unable to help him soot abandoned her brother to save
her own and with the goats turning there attention towards falconpaw the young
apprentice fled into the pine forest below the mountain where no cat dear adventured
to, with a sprained paw and now broken inside due to his sister negate falconpaw
struggled on his own for the first few moons learning the harsh ways of the unknown
forest and those who dwell in it but in his absent from clan life
falconpaw trained himself despite his sprained paw. Moons past and with his paw healed falconpaw
was determind to return home wondering what his clan might stay or do now that he coming home
soon disgust took over him as he remember the day that soot had left him behind the only
kin he trusted betrayed him left him for dead but that conversation will be for another time. on his way home
a patrol found him and recognized who he was, happy to see there clanmate alive they took him back to camp to decide
where or not to allow falconpaw back in leopardclan. Once things decided falconpaw was welcome back
happy to see his friends and kin luckily snowleopardstar gave him a final assessment for what he have
miss out and to prove his loyalty falconpaw was giving the task to a hunt a falcon that was terrorizing
the clan after his disappearance accepting this difficult task falconpaw left for a day to hunt down the Bird,
later that evening falconpaw returned with the body of the falcon proving his worth and loyalty to the clan
and now passing his final assessment falconpaw was named falconblood 

Falconblood belongs to me
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multi-fandom-trash-2 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I remember when we did a weird thing where we drew each other's characters and I drew Falconblood lol. I was so bad at drawing then.
SolinTheDragon Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
art-trade ^^ your not the only one ive been trying to practice on my cat art work
multi-fandom-trash-2 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I honestly didn't even remember if we considered it an art-trade when we did it.
SolinTheDragon Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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