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Falconblood by SolinTheDragon Falconblood by SolinTheDragon
It took my three hours to do on my phone but it came out good :)

Falconblood is fast and stealth warrior, his long limbs helps him with his climbing and swimming,falconblood eyes is not Normal color but a silverish color,marble cat with silver eyes usually obtain bad luck and a lot of times bad luck is happening to him, his pelt Is reddish dark tan while his marble pattern is dark red, falconblood does has some down falls aggression can get the best of him making him look fear by others when not mean to, the lost of amberpelt will never leave his mind till he find her killer yet again can provoke aggression and sadness, but on the inside he does have sympathy, kindness, and the love, loyalty for his clan whether or not he called a traitor, his mate is Passionnight a dark grey she cat with a lovely and helping heart she can coo falconblood to be calm in the worse times, they have three kits together the first is gingerflame(a bright orange with a slight dark orange marble pattern with silver eyes) who current lives in leopardclan and is the oldest,falconblood other to are Amberleaf(Orange brownish she cat with yellow eyes and marble pattern) and passionglaze(dark grey Tom with his mother looks and blue eyes) both well train warriors of lakeclan

Clan: leopardclan (jaffacat clan)
How did falconblood get into lakeclan Well his lovely dear sister soot broken his rib during on there hunt and forces down a waterfall making sure falconblood wouldn't tell no one that she killed there mother amberpelt, the rough river swept him down past the three mountains,(that took three days) till he settle along the river that was near lakeclan, once awake and moving he stumbled onto Raccoonmoon and his patrol chasing falconblood right into lakeclan camp thinking that the clan has outnumber they took him on but falconblood prove then wrong he took out a least all the warriors there including Scorpionstar till rowenthorn and falconblood were equally match, once falconblood was down Blossomleaf stood over him for declaring that he was falconcloud nephew no cat believe her till falconblood told them that amberpelt was his mother, after more explaining that believe him and let him stay in lakeclan for a punishment to,
Gender: Tom
Rank: warrior
Personality: aggressive, kind, strict, stealthy, depressed, sweet
Kits: gingerflame, amberleaf, passionglaze
Mother: amberpelt
Father; venom
Sister: soot
Uncle: falconcloud
Cousin: whiskerfeather, Brambleheart, swallowepelt, sunglaze, tinyheart, cobra, adder,naja,taipan,widow, cotten mouth, viper, anaconda, black maba, boidea,python
silverfang2242 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Looks awesome!!! ^^
Jaffacatt Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
This looks really cool! I love the type of blood lighting effect in the background! :D
SolinTheDragon Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Such a long history on falconblood I did >,<
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November 8, 2015
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