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I’ve been on Animo community these past few weeks, And I’ve had gotten use to the MediBang on the phone

Enjoy this fresh drawing~
-: liquefied photosphere Shentu:-

photosphere Shentu:-
When provoked for far to long Solin can’t control his temper and With both the Sun and Vortax converging there energy into solin anger a molten liquefied photosphere Oozes from within solin body,his photosphere body is a protective shield radiating a small amount of Corona though it doesn’t harm him as he is Immune to the radiation that’s produced from a Star. It is hazardous to be near solin when in such a tempered state 100 ft is fair distance but it’s still Boiling point and advice to not engage but in close proximity or 46 ft your more then likely to ignite from the intensity of the Corona heat

-here’s some knowledge on a Shentu, there is no specific species that a Shentu is home to but a Intelligent Star binding its life forces with that of a living organisms just before the star’s death whether it be its home star are one far out, I’m currently working on a Reference for it solin is just a example of what it might look like-
(meaning starborn)
born with half of a star life force, both the chosen body and the star lifespan is stop ensuring everlasting life to a inhabitant planet and blessing the user with outstanding natural powers dished out from the star even withstanding the star temperatures reaching 1000k-5000k all though it might last the pair forever if the chosen body would to die then any stored up energy within the star that has gathered over decades will instantly explode releasing the built up force that has been gathering even past the star original death date

Hugging him is not a option at this point
Okazaki Aneka Chief of the Genocide Cats (Wip)
Don’t steal or copyright without my permission, Thank you

Once i complete her drawing then I’ll get into more detail about her

Okazaki Aneka belongs to me
-:Solin Ramses Sketch:-
Don’t steal or copyright without my permission. Thank you!

While at the beach I took the time out to
draw solin a little more in his mobian form I just simply adore my oc pronghorn design :b

Character belongs to me
Reena Renegades
Don’t steal or copyright without my permission, Thank you!

Name: Reena Renegade
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Preference: straight line
Medical stuff: some of her family has weak lungs due to the radiation chemicals that spill in her home land river, thankfully she and a few don’t have this problem

Species: Red panda
Martial status:Reese

Fur color: Reddish fur with darker red rings,tail,arms, legs with white muzzle and underbelly

Eye color: Purple

Markings (s) color (s): none

Personality: hot temper, persuasive, calm , fast learner, intelligent

Attire: wears a black suit with no leg cover (with her legs free she can be more agile) white boots and hair tie

Likes: reading, gardening, her pals Jolt Lee and Blizzard,

Dislikes: anything annoying, Eggman,

Occupation: works for G.U.N

Weapon: thin blades

Marry to now: Reese
Mother: chiu (deceased)
Father: chief Rei

Spending most of her life in G.U.N under the protection of her father Chief Rei Reena was 5 when her village was raided mother sent her away on a boat to Slijeka city, once in the city Chief Rei heard about his village lost and found his daughter, having Her cousin mouia train her as her apprentice in Muay Thai she also spent her time training as a assassin

Noticeable Features:none

Friends: peppermint, Clover, Nebula, blizzard,Solin

Neutrals: if your neutral

Enemies: anything threatening

Alliance:G.U.N, Southern kingdom

Previous Residents: Mobius

Currently Residing: Slijeka City


Skills: Muay Thai

Powers: using her legs and keens she can deliver powerful blows knocking bigger threats

Strengths: very smart, resourceful, Gets the job done, trained assassin


:Fun Facts:
She likes cuddles if she in the mood...if

Speed: 6/10
Strength: 10/10
Fighting: 10/10
Firepower: 4/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Endurance: 10/10
Courage: 7/10

Art by me
Character belongs to me


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