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Fraction of the Bersekers

By SolinaBright
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I have finally finished this image. :faint: I'm very sorry that its missing Ace, Amazona and Goniec. :C I'll have to do any image of everyone sometime!
Adriana had this Endurance tack specially made, Goniec's tack will be pretty much the same except for the fact that the fur stuffs on the back with
be more of a lighter color. Adriana & Vivian have some new outfits, they possibly might stick but we'll see. X) Argos was included as well, since
i absolutely adore viking-like dog collars. :meow:

BiscuitAli If Ace so wishes, Amazona can match up or something like it for wanna-be-viking tack. HAV - Hagar the Horrible

Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Maple Leaf 

Here we have:

:Fire-orb:   Adriana (who currently has no reference)

:Fire-orb:  Vivian

:Fire-orb:  Mars

:Fire-orb:  Argos

Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Maple Leaf 

Special thanks to dat-inu ♥ Who really inspired me to finish this off! Rose Bullet - F2U!

Perhaps some how we could use this image in our RP BiscuitAli ? X3

Now i'm off to finish show entries. Run Away

Pixel gemstones - Emerald I referenced Adriana's pose from here Arrow left

Pixel gemstones - Emerald Aaaand i referenced Vivian's pose from here Arrow left

Bullet Blue Used my own references of Horse and Dog Bullet Blue 

Pixel gemstones - Emerald Obertaurer & Mars's design (C) :iconabosz007:

Pixel gemstones - Emerald Argos's Design (C) :iconstiir:

:skyblue-orb: Art & Character (C) :iconsolinabright:
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Such a beautiful group! 
SolinaBright's avatar
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Impressive!!! Such cool characters, I love how consistent your style is between each of them! :la:
SolinaBright's avatar
Thank you very much deary!! :tighthug:
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Great job posing everyone! The human anatomy is great and I loveeee the GSD. Also, dat mane. It looks so soft and silky.
SolinaBright's avatar
Thank you so much! GSDs are such awesome doggies. To make my soul happy i just have to draw one once in a while. ♥
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Such incredible work, bub! I love the anatomy, lighting, and scenery! So awesome! :la: It constantly puts a smile on my face to see how your work has come so far from when we first became friends here at DA! <3
SolinaBright's avatar
AWww! It means so much to me to hear you say that. :happybounce: Thank you for the kind words! I've been working my booty off in trying to get better. :meow:
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Woah this is beautiful!! 
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Thank you kindly! :hug:
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this is amazing!!
SolinaBright's avatar
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DAMN GIRL this is amazing O___O don't ever complain about your human-skills, THIS PICTURE IS PURE AWESOMENESS!!
i especially love vivian's pose QuQ so confident but feminine... look at her eyes! both girls are so very pretty!
and that horses mane looks so fluffy, i wanna touch it so bad!
you already know how much i love the way you draw dogs, cause i tell you every time again xD but compliments can never be told too often >w<
SolinaBright's avatar
Awww! ♥

Well you especially helped me to finish this! :hug: Thanks for being so awesome! :la:
Its always nice to read what you think about my doggies, its always a treat. X)
Thank you for the sweet comment!
Neko-Raccoon's avatar
Oh mai gawd that tack is so gorgeous! :wow: :heart:
And the girls clothes and Argos collar are very pretty! :D
I really loved the overall look in this picture, keep up the great work! :la: :heart:
SolinaBright's avatar

Thank you deary! :hug: I'll do my best! ♥
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:wow: Everything in this is just perfect! EVERYTHING!
SolinaBright's avatar

thank you!! C:
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I'm definitely not perfect, haha, but thank you! *hugs*
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I really like the autumn-ish mood! And got to love that saddle pad :3 great job! :love:
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Thank you so much! The saddle pad was fun to create! ♥
Lunameyza's avatar
You're welcome! ^^
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