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Title: Idranel

Pure digital artwork of Idranel from Warhammer 40k Dawn of War II
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I wish to make sweet sweet love with Farseer Idranel I wish make her my lover
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Im in Love with Idranel, I think she is beautiful and wish I as at her side
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I kind of never really wanted to kill her & even if I did I try to make my kills clean, exception being Dark Eldar/Elves & other form of monstrous things, oh and "very bad men", granted if give the choice I would have at the very least allowed them to collect there dead
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Fact: Idranel and Elenwe are identical Farseers in game. Idranel is from Ulthwe while Elenwe is from Alaitoc.
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I think they at least have the effort to paint the hair of Elenwe in brown
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Idranel is probably the most idiotic farseer to have ever existed.

Her goal was to protect a craftworld from Tyranids, and she thought the best way of doing that would be to piss off some space marines by luring orks to their recruiting worlds, and destroying any chance the humans have of defending themselves from said tyranids. Never considered the fact that this was a fucking space marine recruiting world and the chapter is likely to defend it to the last and has a good chance of beating the tyranids, rendering eldar involvement moot, and therefore any chance of eldar lives being at risk being removed.

The resulting actions resulted in abysmal failure, the nids' were killed by the Blood Ravens who didn't take kindly to the eldar's dickery which resulted in almost every eldar and eldar warmachine and even a fucking avatar being killed and the craft world being actively hunted down by the Blood Ravens for revenge.

Just as planned.
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I will agree,  the writers of that game really Failed her.
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Well, we could always think of her as Elenwe. :)
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Wish they used a different model in DOW II Retribution, shes identical to Elenwe.
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Yeah, that's what I've thought as well. Could have been a re-skin paired with a new head model.
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Neroth: Hmm...a challenge that might be worth my time...
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I miss all those cheesy lines, I hope they would continue developing Dawn of War III. :(
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Beautiful yet dangerous she is!
SolidusSupremus's avatar
Yup, sad she has to die through the game though. :)
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That smiling face means you happy she got killed? :iconconfusedplz:
SolidusSupremus's avatar
You're right... I shouldn't have used a smiling smiley... A sign of insanity perhaps? :D
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Technically she's not dead
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Hen you are either dark eldar or one of the chaos space marines XD
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Excellent job mate
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Hey there, thank you very much. Just really love 40k dude. :)
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