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Raiders of the Temple of Death

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A party of characters from a recent run through the classic D&D adventure X4 - Master of The Desert Nomads and its sequel X5 - Temple of Death.
We had great time playing this gonzo OSR revival.
From left right: Karima the art thief and belly dancer from Ylaruam, Gilthamar "Windblade" the elven champion-sorcerer of Alfheim, Dagon Darkhammer the half-giant barbarian from Norwold, Sheriff Burrows the halfling ranger from the Five Shires, Mathayus the Thyatian priest of Forsetta - God of Valor and Truth, Mazirian the chaotic mage from the Barony of the Black Eagle, and finally Dorn Shieldbraker the dwarven warrior from Rockhome.
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X4 and X5 are surprsingly good modules, even today.
I ran them a while back, using Pathfinder. Worked like a charm.
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First comment on deviantart from me after very long hiatus.
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Looks great! A very nice and interesting series of characters. And the armor metal parts look awesome!
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Lazy-LitchProfessional General Artist
beautiful work
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Do you commission? 
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SOLIDToMProfessional Digital Artist
Yep. Mail me at tgalmacci [at]
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I love X4!  The map doesn't fit together with X5 but other than that it's amazing.

You are amazing.  I love everything you do!
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SOLIDToMProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you very much.
BTW: What do you mean with "The map doesn't fit together"? What map? :/
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the map of X4 doesn't line up with the map of X5.  There is a gap.  The cartographer did not create the whole map at once, and probably did not have a good reference of the first one when he did the second one.

It's not a big deal, there are good maps in the Gazetteers.
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SOLIDToMProfessional Digital Artist
Aaaah ok, got it.
Yes, I referred to the whole map of the Sind Desert and the Great Waste found in Champions of Mystara for reference, although we did not exactly did a hexcrawl but rather an enconuter-based trail.
I also prepared a hand drawn player's map handout (the map Bishop Guillaume lends to the PCs at the beginning of the module) vaguely inspired to the hex map but less reliable about distances.
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Spacefriend-TProfessional Digital Artist
splendido shading
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SOLIDToMProfessional Digital Artist
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MtkMicheleHobbyist Writer
Awesome! :D
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