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'Selvaria Bles'

hold Rhum version similar like Charagumin GK by VOLKS
Valkyria Chronicles © SEGA
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If you made this available as a print, I would buy it in a heartbeat. It's a flat-out awesome piece of art.
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Loving your realistic portraits of manga characters

Selvaria is stunning Here !!!
Xelestial's avatar
I haven't played this I really want to!
justZaz's avatar
this would make a really sick poster :la:
agenory's avatar
Awesome !
I like this character, you draw her very well. She is so beautiful !
spawndon's avatar
nice angle!
Giolon's avatar
Outstanding rendition of Selvaria! I think she looks a little too close to smiling though. Love the angle and decision not to emphasize her bust.
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TURNIP-SLOP's avatar
This is seriously awesome! I'd love to see some more art like this from you! Keep up the good work :)
Drakonias115's avatar
Whoa, very nice and detailed. The mix of colors is very interesting :meow:
Just-A-Michael's avatar
Wonderful ! I've heard about this game quite recently and bought a ps3 for it: totally worth it :)
icedragon97's avatar
Is this girl from the anime show "Trigun"?
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no, it's from the title Valkyria Chronicles , game & anime. personally haven't own ps3 & play the game at all. i just seeing from anime times ago. :)
kuroi-kenshi's avatar
That's pretty awesome. All the detail on the clothes is amazing. :wow:
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