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Far far away away
The sky is a puzzle I have yet to find the time to finish
    (it would take forever anyway, so there's no rush)
         left out on the table, pieces scattered, for another day
and I swear I'll come back and finish it, I'm just a little tired now
    (I try and sleep, but my dreams keep me awake)
and every time I look at it it's as if someone has rearranged the pieces
    (if only they would rearrange my life)
and now the clouds don't spell out my emotions anymore
    (everchanging clouds, what does that say about me?)
and the painted glory of a gold and ruby sunset has somehow become the more dubious portent of a red and purple sunrise
    (red sky in morning, but there's too many warnings to take)
and I want to finish it, I really do, but like the wheeling stars I just pass on by, looking
    (a sun is a star, but not all stars are suns)
But never touching
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Goodnight. Sleep tight.
Don't dream of Death tonight.
All men must die but nay said I
I'll fight I'll fight I'll fight
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It was supposed to be easy. That gets said a lot. But it really was.
We had just contracted a high end recruit, some seer who was powerful enough to replace our old divination wizard. We can get paid just as much for information as for killing things. Sometimes more. Anything goes in this job. We partied hard that night. The boss had worked really hard to win this guy over, and when he worked hard we worked hard. So the stress relief was nice. I remember that the seer just sat there, accepting congratulations and welcoming greetings all with a cats smile on his face. He didn't look like the sort who'd throw in with a mercenary company, very elegant and refined. He was drinking tea for godssake. Honestly he made me nervous. He proved his worth though.
The job was pretty simple all in all. A small gnoll encampment had been raiding a particular stretch of road. Some rich merchant or somebody wanted that to not happen anymore. So we were gonna wipe them out. With the seers help, it should
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Formulas and equations
His blood is more like lightning than liquid
(plasma has two meanings)
but it does no good because his bones are heavy metal and
he can barely lift them some mornings
His eyes are silicon and carbon, copper and gold plating
(cold and calculating, until they get overworked)
but opaque eyes never did anyone any good and
he doesn't even realize how much he can't see
His skin is the worst, crystalline patches of decaying luminescence
(falling off, fading, dying cold)
but broken screens are useless things and
he can't show anyone what he's thinking
His heart's design is elegant in its efficiency, heat will never build up
(it has a job and it does it, doesn't it?)
but when his whir-fan heart tries to touch yours
he suddenly remembers that fans are just spinning blades.
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Chain-Crafter Ghost-Maker
There are chains that can bind tighter than any merely physical element could hope to. Chains that are so strong and so lasting that merely knowing that they exist can shackle you for eternity.
I can make such chains.
I also make the keys, but for whatever reason, no one ever seems very interested in that. Oh well. Their loss.
She approached me one day. I suppose had I bothered to look at her I might have noticed that she had sunken eyes with dark rings, and her hair was thin and flat. Long bony fingers that were probably once graceful might have clued me in. Or maybe the too thin neck that couldn't possibly have supported one hair more, no matter how fine. Regardless though, I probably wouldn't have noticed, which is why I didn't look. It wasn't important anyway. Nobody listens to me.
"Help," she said. Not a question or an implorment. Just a statement.
"Yes?" I sighed.
"I need your chains."
"Need? I don't think you even know what the word means."
She grabbed my forearm, probably to gi
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Already there, but unrealized
That spring break caused our love in the same way an apple caused physics. It wasn't love at first sight but at first taste, fingertips and lips and the tears that fell from your eyes. We drank each other up until you were me and I you and bloated, we realized maybe life wasn't so bad after all. We were wrong of course, but such is the prerogative of brains in hormones (you said I wasn't allowed to call it love anymore).
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I wrote this twelve times
I knew a girl once
Who had to do everything twice
(everything but me)
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Like a rock
I am igneous and you are my memory of heat
I am metamorphic and we are cracking under all this pressure
I am sedimentary and I hold the fossil of our love
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Sunlight filtering through leaves, all gold and green and shadow. It's my first memory. I examine it often. Memories are like water. Well, maybe not, but it sounds pretty, so that's good enough for me. I'll dip into it sometimes, hardly getting wet. Not so much remembering it as making sure it's still there. But sometimes, I sink all the way in. I submerge myself, drench myself in it. I'm soaked with memory, beads of it rolling down my arms and dripping off my fingertips. It's an important memory. Sun through leaves. Gold green shadows. They follow me still.
My father was an elf, Eldritch Knight and one of the military advisors to Queen Edasseril. He was not well liked by many of the others though, due to my mother. Elven society is still largely opposed to interactions with non-elves, and humans in particular. I'm still not sure really how she managed to call the Fierani Forest her home, but she was one of the best rangers I have seen even to this day. She wandered the forests and mou
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Of course you do not know me
Even though we've met before
You wear different eyes, nose, skin
You change your clothes and mind
Ask me for my opinion, but you've already changed again
So I just sit here waiting
I've been here years and lives
So have you, no matter how many times you've died
You've lived, you've loved, you've tried
I've been waiting here patiently, quietly
Unmoving, hardly daring to breathe
You're fascinating you know
As much as I can't wait for you to invite me in
I don't mind watching you, unnoticed
I find it beautiful, all the things you do
Sad sometimes, but beautiful
The way you bleed when broken
The way you sing when contented
I don't mind that you'd rather cut your ears off
Burn your hair and crush your eyes
I don't mind that you'd rather dance with your newest lover
Worship the stars and your hearts
I will wait, until there is nothing left to wait on
I will wait until the lights go out and your breathing dies
But I hope I don't have to
I hope you'll let me in
I a
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Make the cut
You drown yourself in words so you can make the cut cause it's quick and it's clean and the last time you tried to live you died and they cried so this time it's gonna be different you say it like you mean it by we all know that in the end it's just that same beginning that keeps pulling you in though it's walling you out so you drown yourself in words so you can make the cut cause it's quick and it's clean...
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Anything but real
Sometimes I wish I was anything but real
So I'll just pretend to write out beautiful dreams
On a sheet of paper that maybe one day you'll read
And maybe just maybe then you'll kind of sort of know me
Sometimes I wish I was anything but real
So I'll just pretend to play a lonely love song
On an old piano that maybe one day you'll hear
And maybe just maybe then you'll kind of sort of know me
Sometimes I wish I was anything but real
So I'll just pretend to paint a peaceful picture
On a piece of canvas that maybe one day you'll see
And maybe just maybe then you'll kind of sort of know me
And sometimes I wish I was anything but real
So maybe maybe I'll just run away
Because all I ever dreamt of was you
Too bad it's nightmares, not dreams, that come true…
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I can now check "Make out with a lesbian in front of her girlfriend" off of my bucket list. 

So last night was kinda productive I guess. 
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