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I am Moana

Stunning songs and the visuals. This movie really captured my heart. 
Especially the relationship between Moana and the grandma.
She picked the right tattoo... *cries on the floor*
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Absolutely stunning! Moana is one of our favorites!

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This is absolutely fabulous! I was looking for an image to help me let go of someone very dear to me who passed away and this is perfect. Thank you!

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I want a picture made like this of Elsa during show yourself T-T

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So shiny...SO SHINY.  These colors are gorgeous *u*
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May I use your picture in a music video? I'll give credit.
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Go ahead!
As long as you add a link to my DA page and send me a link to your video so I get to see it :D
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Ok, I'll make sure to do that. And thank you for letting me use your piece. 
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This is a stunning piece of work 
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Thank you very, very much ^^
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This is just gorgeous.
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Amazing. Nicely done. :thumbsup:
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Ahhh. I need a print of this ;w;
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Absolutely fantastic work here. Very nicely done.
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This scene of the movie was beautiful and emotional.
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Oh wow! This is really beautiful...fantastic work!!!<3
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Thank you so much! Makes me really happy to hear ^^
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OH. MY. GLOB. The composition and colours are absolutely stunning. Well done!La la la la 
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Thank youuu, It´s fun painting glowy-shiny things :squee: 
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