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dino slam 7

run time: 2 minutes

the process of dino death and how it becomes a fossil

- Welcome to the world of taphonomy.

- This is the story of fred the tyrcerotops, this is Fred, this is his favorite drinking spot by the river, he is not very smart and one day he got too far in.

- Fred drowned unfortunately but very fortunate for us. I will explain later.

- One the late fred hits the bottom of the river how ever long he sits there and what happens to him and what exist in that water and even the water type all amount to how well or not well his bones are preserved. Fossils are a freak of nature, everything has to be damn close to perfect to make it happen.

- Looks like somethings live in these waters and by now the bacteria and fish and creatures have all taken the meat off the bone and all thats left is his skeleton. Since he is in a deep but not strong river it wont push his bones around and scatter them but the best part is that the river bottom is made of a very fine dirt and covers the bones completely which is an absolute must for making fossils. This is also where the fossil making process starts and in this case its a form of fossilization called permineralization where secondary mineral matter fills in holes and voids in Fred's bones. Because of the porous and hard nature of bones and even wood they are more likely to fossilize than other materials.

- Over millions of years layers of sediment will build up on top of old Fred and over time the giant river has dwindled down to nothing and the lush vibrant forest has transformed into a desert and the strong winds are weathering down the rock that has formed around fred and his bones begin to surface a little. Then one day a modern paleontologist will pee on everything looking for fossils and stumbles upon old Fred. They only do that because the fossil changes a different color than rocks do when they get wet. Excellent way to find fossils.

- Now they can start the dig to find evidence of what kind of world fred lived in. So far they have dug up fossilized trees behind Fred and fish bones in front of him that all were once alive in Fred's time. Through well thought out guesses they can assume he drown in the river where he may have went to often to drink.

- Now the can set up a recreation of fred's world in a museum so they can share with the world, the world of dinosaurs.

- Hope you've enjoyed.
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Awesome you included his method of finding dinosaurs in this one as well. (peeing)