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Swimming with Ecco through time
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Drawing is fun, but I'm not terribly great at it, so I hope you aren't expecting much. I don't want to disappoint.

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I went to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast,
But there was nothing but bread for toast -no  butter in sight-
And honey for my tea
The man at the office said,
'Ration now you won't get anymore'
But there was nothing-nothing-nothing to eat in my kitchen anyway,
So I poured all the honey over everysliceofbread and a built a great big sandwich,
A sweet, sweet, sandwich like the kind we used to share,
But fly got trapped inside it an' a remembered when,
Flies used to be so tasty,
A calorie at least,
They'd fill me up so fuzzily like dirt and little twigs.


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Always the first,
To go to your dear dear friend denial,
He offers you things like points and laughter,
But why would it matter?
You don't live in a tiny screen,
With dialogue forced over and over until you find the right option,
There's a place, so much brighter and nicer than that,
Where everything is
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Only a glimpse.
(Totally NOT an Undertale reference...)

Anywho, I've got some 'splainin to do.

A while ago, a friend of mine asked me to draw their fursona as a request; I'd been drawing every night and getting better all the while. Even at some point, I felt like I was getting too good, too fast. Not to brag or anything.... But cerially, I was on a roll. I was drawing for a few hours every day, I was learning colors, but then it all came to a terrific halt. See, remember that request my friend asked me to work on? Well, I did. I spent twelve+ hours working on that drawing, and it was my most detailed drawing to date. Fact, I thought it was my best drawing EVER! But then... something happened. It was done, it was finished, yet before showing my friend, I felt like I wanted to add a little bit more 'style' to it, experiment a little. So, to do this, I opened my paintings settings on Colors! 3D for my 3DS and readied to copy it... but then I blanked. I don't know why, I don't how, but after 'copying' that painting, I went to work on it some more, yet it wasn't there. Only then did I realize I'd deleted everything.

Yup. Everything. Gone in three seconds. Aaaaanyway... I was devastated. In that moment, everything sucked. And for a long time after, drawing still sucked. Eventually I realized the only way I'd ever get back into drawing is if I created something which - in my eyes - would equal that lost drawing. So! Through a bout of self-loathing and moping, I pushed through with... DETERMINATION! Because I was filled with DETERMINATION!! Yeah... I love Undertale. In part, it helped me get back into drawing, mainly because, well, I just posted that drawing of Toriel and Sans a few hours ago, and that's the drawing I needed to draw to reassure myself that I could draw, that I! Am! An! ARTIST!!! *Dramatic music crescendo, crash of symbols, inspiration cliche, etc.*

That's all, I think. I'm just sayin' I'm back to drawing regularly now.


(Play Undertale)
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Sharkie Soul
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"In the province of the mind, there are no limits." ~ John C. Lilly

"May you forever have the artistic courage of a 13 year old with a wolf OC on deviantART."


Unicyclist Stamp by wasted49 Ecco Fan by StampeZ Shiron Stamp by Fiidchell



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