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Wrapped in Black 9
The first blow of any battle allowed two warriors to take the measure of the other.
Marth grimaced as he struggled to hold off Ike's lightning-quick attack, his intended parry suddenly stuffed. He managed to make the mercenary back off by knocking his sword away and rolling to the side, but that left him at a disadvantage, much to his discomfort.
If I try to engage him again, he'll overpower me, the prince thought hurriedly as Ike ran in again, his blade already tensed for another strike. I'm not going to get far dodging either. What do I do now?
His thoughts were cut off as Ike was in his guard again, and before he could raise Falchion to block, he found himself tugged forward as the mercenary grabbed the front of his tunic.
"Are you getting tired already?" Ike taunted, but there was no mirth in his eyes. "Don't tell me I did all of this just for you."
The anger he felt earlier came back at those words. He growled as he kicked Ike as hard as he could in the side,
:iconsolhiryu:SolHiryu 1 2
Moving On (Part 1)
"So...that's it? After all this, we just end it here and walk away?"
"You knew this was coming."
"Well, yeah, but...could you blame me for wanting it to last just a bit longer?"
"I suppose not. We both know that this wasn't going to last, however."
"I won't forget our time together, but...this is goodbye, Pit. Should we not meet again, I just hope you remain yourself."
"Mm, yeah. Same to you. See ya, Ike!"

Pit stared down at the invitation in his hand. He cocked his head inquisitively at it before turning to his goddess. "Erm, Lady Palutena..."
The goddess smiled patiently. "That's alright, Pit, let me see it." Her eyes quickly read over the words before she chuckled. "Looks like you've been invited back to the Smash Brothers tournament due to your outstanding deeds!" she read, a proud smile on her face. The smile turned to a contemplative frown after a few moments. "Hmm, I wonder how they keep watching you? I wonder if you're bugged?"
"Ack!" Pit sud
:iconsolhiryu:SolHiryu 0 3
A Beginning
Subspace was horrid. It was like taking everything that was right about the world, all the light and joy and general happiness, twisting it and warping it, corrupting it until it was only a horrible, twisted mockery of what it once was. Everywhere he looked, it was nothing but darkness and pure emptiness. The fact that it felt that way, and the fact that Tabuu was trying to make their world exactly like Subspace only strengthened his drive to defeat the creature and restore the world back to what it once was.
However, Tabuu held many strange and inexplicable powers. The fact that it had downed them all with one wave of its ethereal wings spoke of this, and they now knew they had to be extremely careful in approaching it again. Being turned into a trophy in this place was the worst thing he had ever experienced, and that was saying a lot.
"Pit, pay attention!" one of the warriors shouted back at him as they ran through the grass, cutting down another enemy in their way. "This isn
:iconsolhiryu:SolHiryu 3 2
Wrapped in Black 8
"Huff...huff...come on, keep going! I can still fight...!"
The sound of two blades meeting was heard in the otherwise quiet arena, two swordsmen going at it with ferocious vigor. Their movements were quick and accurate, each blow made with such precision that it took both of them their full concentration to block each blow the other man did. As the tension mounted, many of the spectators watched on silently, not knowing who would come out the victor.
Finally, after the dance of blades had gone on for too long, the match was ended decisively. The one with the thinner blade feinted to the right, holding his sword steady as he prepared to strike. His opponent noticed the feint, quickly maneuvering himself to parry the blow he knew was coming. However, the moment the other man knocked his sword out of the way, he knew he had lost.
There was a brief struggle before the sound of a sword clattering to the ground reverberated throughout the area. The two warriors stood there panting for a few
:iconsolhiryu:SolHiryu 6 4
Wrapped in Black 7
Snake was trying to resist the urge to reach for his cigarettes and light one up, forcing himself to keep a cool demeanor. Things had been revealed for him in rather quick succession, and he actually cursed himself for being right. He had a vague feeling that he was, but it didn't stop him from hoping he was wrong.
Across from him, still clad in the armor of the Black Knight, Ike was sitting patiently, eyes closed in thought. Snake supposed that he was trying his best to remain calm himself, especially with having battled his lover earlier. If the injuries on Pit's wings were anything to say, Ike was very angry at himself.
"So..." he started slowly, thinking of what he wanted to ask. There were so many questions, but he had to be clear in what he was asking. He doubted Ike or Pit would evade anything at this moment, he couldn't be too sure, especially given their track record. The simplest questions would work best, he figured. "How did this all start?" He tried his best to look as ser
:iconsolhiryu:SolHiryu 3 6
Wrapped in Black 6
The Black Knight gazed at his opponent with a dispassionate gaze, watching as the angel pointed at him with his blades. It seemed that many of the fighters residing in the mansion came to watch, eager to see Pit take on the undefeated boss of Final Destination. The angel didn't let the cocky smirk fall off his face, getting his blades into a ready position. "So, are we gonna fight?"
Inside the armor, Ike was trying to make sense of the current situation. What the hell does he think he's doing?! he thought in alarm, forcing himself to keep cool. Why is Pit doing this...?
Forcing himself to speak, his voice came out as cold as steel, just like he always spoke when he assumed this persona. "Why has an angel like yourself come before me?" he wondered, the entire area descending into silence. "You know full well that you tread death, boy."
"Hmph, like you'd stop me;" Pit snorted, smile not leaving his face. "I'm not going to lose to you."
"Brave words," the Black Knight retort
:iconsolhiryu:SolHiryu 5 10
Role Reversal - Excerpt Log 2
"How many of them are there?!" Pit growled out, felling another one that decided to fly right over Ike's head. The archangel merely grunted as he swung Ragnell, hurtling the horde in front of him to the ground, blood flying.
"This is nothing;" Ike snorted, pushing his way through. "Don't let their numbers fool you. Keep up!"
"It'd be wise to actually listen to him, Pit." Soren warned, shooting off constant Elwind spells. "He knows what he's doing."
Pit nodded. "I know. But how can so many be down here...?"
"I think we're about to get our answer," Ike called back, finally reaching the inner sanctum of the shrine. "Because they're all coming from in here."
Both mercenaries nodded as they helped Ike kill the last of the demons bothering them, rushing into the room. Their eyes widened as they saw something they never saw before.
"What the hell is this?!" Pit exclaimed, looking at the large floating gap in front of them. It was completely dark, but it was radiating so much power...
"A dimen
:iconsolhiryu:SolHiryu 7 3
Role Reversal - Excerpt Log 1
In Skyworld, things were peaceful. With war averted and things back to normal, the angels were all conducting their business as any ordinary day.
"My general, I need you!" Palutena called, watching the dais in front of her. She had just seen something very troubling, and was about to make a decision that she hoped she wouldn't regret.
"My goddess, you have need of me?" a man answered, suddenly at her back. Palutena turned around to see a blue-haired man, almost as tall as her with six white wings on his back. He had a loose black shirt on that connected to an elaborate blue and black shoulder pauldron, leaving his other shoulder and half of his chest exposed. He had gray pants on, with a white exomis wrapped around his waist like a cloak, billowing over the ground as he walked. He had open-toed sandals and wore a golden circlet with a white crystal in the middle, making his blue eyes shine. To top it all off, he carried a glowing golden sword, which never left his side for ev
:iconsolhiryu:SolHiryu 5 4
Wrapped in Black 5
"You are stronger." a man rasped as he leaned against a wall, breathing shallow. He was clad in heavy black armor, a gleaming silver sword stuck in the ground next to him. "Much stronger than before..."
A blue haired man caught his breath as he knelt down beside the armored man, face drenched in sweat. "I have you to thank for that. I grew stronger from our previous fight." he admitted with a smile closing his eyes. Everything at this moment didn't feel right, but that was to be expected with how he had been feeling over the last few months. "To be honest... I was overjoyed when I heard that the Black Knight was still alive. That surprised me... I felt neither sadness nor hate. Just joy;" he said with a dry chuckle, setting his giant golden blade down. "My hands were shaking with anticipation. I couldn't wait to fight my most formidable enemy again!"
Sighing quietly, he looked at the armored man, almost willing him to keep awake for a few moments longer. "Your swordsmanship was fear
:iconsolhiryu:SolHiryu 4 6
Ike had never been much of a suspicious person. Despite his cold exterior, he tended to believe in the best of people, even if it did bite him in the ass during crucial times. Indeed, during the tournament, he had seen a lot of people he could trust, despite how they looked. His life had taught him to look beyond what a person looked like, knowing it was a person's character that mattered in the end.
Perhaps that was why he was drawn to the angel named Pit. Ever since their first match together, Ike had found a companionship with him, and started to talk with him. Pit, too, found a quickly forming friendship with the mercenary, and loved to talk with him about anything, ranging from the trivial to the most complicated of matters. Indeed, they were fast friends.
That friendship, over time, started to deepen into something more. The longer Ike stayed around Pit and learned of him, the more comfortable he was with letting the angel in. Pit was more comfortable around Ike whenever things g
:iconsolhiryu:SolHiryu 14 9
Sol's Desktop - Role Reversal by SolHiryu Sol's Desktop - Role Reversal :iconsolhiryu:SolHiryu 4 4
Three weeks. It had only been three weeks since the new tournament had started, and things were going much too fast for the prince (technically king, but he didn't like that title) named Marth.
It had only been one year since the end of the previous tournament, Melee. At its conclusion, Marth returned to his homeland to pick up the crown and return to business. Being a king was exhausting, especially with the war-torn land he presided over. He was so busy in his work that when the invitation came to him about the Brawl tournament, he gladly accepted. Giving control the kingdom back to Ellis, Marth journeyed back to the mansion to meet old friends.
The prince shifted uncomfortably in his bed. He was saddened when he heard that Roy wouldn't be returning, mainly because he declined the invitation. It was a shame; he and the redhead used to get along very well, and complimented each other perfectly within team battles. When he saw who Roy's replacement was, he couldn't deny that he felt so
:iconsolhiryu:SolHiryu 5 3
Ill Intended
"Oh come on, Lucas;" Pit pleaded as he and the Ice Climbers walked briskly alongside the fuming psychic. "You can't stay mad at him forever! You're both acting like children!"
"But they are children." Popo muttered under his breath before receiving an elbow to the ribs, courtesy of Nana.
"I don't care," Lucas snarled as he made doors in front of him swing open violently. "He's wrong! He's always been wrong, and he's being too stupid to even admit he's not right! I hate him!" he nearly shouted as he stomped through the hallways, making the three behind him wince.
Pit massaged his temples; this wasn't going well at all. "I'm not saying he's right either, but the way you're both acting is ridiculous! Do you really think that acting this way will make everything better?" he asked, watching the boy pause for a brief second.
Lucas hesitated for a few moments before shaking his head furiously. "I don't care!" he repeated, fists trembling in rage. "If he wants to pretend he's so smart, then he
:iconsolhiryu:SolHiryu 6 5
The stars twinkled overhead as the fire burned brightly, illuminating the surrounding area with a soft red light. Lucas shivered as he scooted closer to the campfire, careful to find that exact spot where he would keep warm.
It was all still surreal to him, still so unbelievable that something of that magnitude had happened merely hours ago. He had almost died...he and Red had almost been killed. It wasn't the first time he had cheated death; no, it was only one of many, but that didn't make it any better for him, though. However, thanks to his previous adventures, he managed to pull himself out of it and continue on. Red, on the other hand, had collapsed a short while after the whole thing, probably due to a mixture of exhaustion, shock, and relief.
The psychic looked at the slumbering boy. Even now, it was still pretty odd to think that the Pokemon trainer was younger than him, especially since the boy was not only taller than him, but braver and more spirited and...
Lucas shook his
:iconsolhiryu:SolHiryu 0 2
Rainy Days
Ike stepped outside of the mansion and took a deep breath, taking in the scent of rain. It was times like this that he loved to be outside, just when it was about to rain. Despite it holding some bitter memories for him, the rain was something he enjoyed.
He had been fighting in the matches all week; a rarity among most fighters as most of them took days off to rest. However, Ike threw himself into the fighting, as if he was agitated by something and the only thing that could help was through battle. Even the mercenary had forgotten exactly what it was he was so worked up about until he remembered in one depressing instant.
It was that day...the day his father died, all those years ago. No wonder he was acting this way.
Shaking his head, Ike was about to leave the door when a should resounded across the hall.
"Ike, wait up!"
The man turned around to see Lucas running up to him, waving his arms as if to stop him. "Oh, Lucas. What's up?"
The blond haired boy gave Ike a small smile
:iconsolhiryu:SolHiryu 0 1
Wrapped in Black 4
"Impressive...but your form needs work." The Black Knight said coldly as he sidestepped another thrust, grabbing his opponent's arm and flinging him to the side, following up with another vacuum blade. "If you really wish to defeat me, do come in with better skills. You bore me."
Link grimaced as he got up, quickly springing to his feet and taking out a bomb. The Black Knight was most definitely a real threat, he realized. As he threw the explosive at the dark clad figure, he used the smoke as a cover to charge back in, sword and shield ready to block whatever strike would come. When the large silver sword collided with his shield, he struggled with the pressure against his arms, fighting valiantly to push it back. In the end, he managed to break away, delivering a small strike to the Black Knight's unprotected side.
The knight grunted, but immediately retaliated as he leaped forward and delivered a spinning blow to Link's retreating backside, causing the Hylian to cry out in pain as h
:iconsolhiryu:SolHiryu 6 13


MMBN-Nebula's Newest Commander by Kaishiro15 MMBN-Nebula's Newest Commander :iconkaishiro15:Kaishiro15 7 0 Retribution, Final Clash by Syruubi Retribution, Final Clash :iconsyruubi:Syruubi 6 19 Fiction Fanart-Retribution by Syruubi Fiction Fanart-Retribution :iconsyruubi:Syruubi 28 36
Mature content
IkexRanulf :iconsomerandomgirl:SomeRandomGirl 1 2
Grace in Shadows-24
Ike © Nintendo
Psycho Ike © SolHiryu)
Grace in Shadows
Chapter Twenty-Four: Here
Cold and alone, he finds himself trapped in the goddess's clutches, unable to break free.
"Let me go!" he snarls, struggling to break free. "I'm not your puppet! You can't stuff your vile thoughts in my head…!"
But no, she holds him tightly in her grasp, her cold words surrounding him-
The stone walls of the Tower around him flicker.
"Who said that?" he demands, the crazed hated of his voice suddenly giving way to fear. "Who…?!"
"Ike, where-where are you?! Don't-don't leave me here alone with her…!"
Through the chaos in his mind, he hears Ike's voice calling to him, reassuring him.
"Ashera isn't here. Just me. Just us…"
The stone walls fade…
He sees the face of his original, and reaches out to touch it, hardly daring to believe.
The rest is a blur.
The last thing he remem
:iconsomerandomgirl:SomeRandomGirl 4 4
Palk 'Secret Santa' by SparxPunx Palk 'Secret Santa' :iconsparxpunx:SparxPunx 22 10 RMRO - More Trading Cards by plantman-exe RMRO - More Trading Cards :iconplantman-exe:plantman-exe 32 9 RO - Rune Knight Sol by plantman-exe RO - Rune Knight Sol :iconplantman-exe:plantman-exe 26 6
Grace in Shadows-23
Ike, Pit © Nintendo
Psycho Ike/Hector © SolHiryu
Kurai © Me)
Grace in Shadows
Chapter Twenty-Three: First Steps
Ike is still worried when, several hours later, his doppelganger still has yet to stir.
Nevertheless, he waits patiently, sitting by Psycho Ike's bedside in hopes that the red-eyed man will wake up soon.
Pit and Kurai had been with him earlier; the fallen angel had quickly left, uncomfortable sitting in the same room as the Crimean for long. Pit had held out longer; after dinner, however, he'd given up, saying that he would be back “later.”
Ike doesn't dare to judge them. After all, he can't blame them for being ill at ease around him.
“A fine little mess this has turned out to be, huh?” he murmurs, lightly holding Psycho Ike's hand. “I was so stupid... And you're the one that suffered in the end. I'm sorry, Psycho Ike...”
The mercenary sighs, softly tightening his grip.
Ike is still tryi
:iconsomerandomgirl:SomeRandomGirl 5 8
Caress - Happy Birthday Sol by Rinkulover4ever50592 Caress - Happy Birthday Sol :iconrinkulover4ever50592:Rinkulover4ever50592 12 36 FE: You ARE the Father by KumiVentura FE: You ARE the Father :iconkumiventura:KumiVentura 622 175



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The meltdowns over Ike's confirmation in SSB4 are hilarious.

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