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Dig Up Her Bones by SolemnDesire
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Bone Claw by SolemnDesire
Mature content
Bone Claw :iconsolemndesire:SolemnDesire 2 0
That Which I Give
my heart, a wretched thing,
dark for long cold winters,
seeks warmth in your arms.
but such dark depths
cannot be so easily lightened
so drink deep, my love,
for that which i give
is poison
poison, oh wretched heart,
that seeps to your soul
yet it is from this stretch
that poison becomes wine
so drink deep, my love,
for that which i give
is poison
wine draws forth health
not before known
spreading through your veins
growing strength through pain
and wipes away the tears.
so from poison comes trust,
if you can endure the pain,
and from ice comes water
which brings cool relief to past sorrows
so drink deep, my love.
for that which i give
is poison
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Submit-Cover Art by SolemnDesire Submit-Cover Art :iconsolemndesire:SolemnDesire 4 0
Dear Post Master
Dear Post Master,
Is it possible for a mother to not love her child?
Four months have passed since the happy day I was determined to be pregnant. My husband and I, both long past ready to start a family, were overjoyed when that silly little stick turned blue rather than the frustrating pink it had been for so long. I remember one of us screamed, and one of us cried. Couldn’t say which was which.
My heart felt like it was full to bursting, like I had filled it with sweetened water and seeds and now flowers of the loveliest variety were growing and pushing against the edges and sprouting out from the little cracks and crevices left by life. My love, my excitement, all ganged up on me and tackled me at the most inconvenient moments of my day; when I was sitting in a boring meeting a random craving would hit me and I’d smile so bright you’d swear I’d captured the sun behind my teeth; when I was walking around the grocery store and I passed the baby isle with its smell
:iconsolemndesire:SolemnDesire 1 4
With this Ring, Ch. 1
          I THEE WED

                                    CHAPTER ONE
Adeline Alexander had never once in 5 years missed a day of work. She did not come in late, nor did she take sick days or vacations. As secretary for Boston in Print, a small newspaper company with a circulation of 100 papers per month, the dedication was hardly needed. But everything Adeline did was about dedication. She always made 3 dozen chocolate cupcakes for the Christmas Bake Sale of her apartment complex every year, even though they hardly sold anything. She always watched her stock in the news, even though the small company she had invested in hadn't changed in 13 years.
And she always stopped in at the corner market to buy one single mom's home made co
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Mature content
Submit - Chapter 1 :iconsolemndesire:SolemnDesire 0 0
Being Human
I wish I could feel something
Rather than be like stone,
I wish I could feel nothing
But then I'd be alone,
I wish I could have everything
And yet still be poor,
I wish I still had your love
But then I couldn't ask for more,
Dreaming's not like planning,
The end will never come,
Dreaming's not like travel,
You don't know where you're from,
Dreaming's more like dying
Because you'll remain dead,
And dreams will never empty
From all the corners in your head
:iconsolemndesire:SolemnDesire 1 9
Nileethrae's Magic by SolemnDesire Nileethrae's Magic :iconsolemndesire:SolemnDesire 1 0 Nileethrae Arkenrret by SolemnDesire Nileethrae Arkenrret :iconsolemndesire:SolemnDesire 4 1 Micartar's Greatest Fear by SolemnDesire Micartar's Greatest Fear :iconsolemndesire:SolemnDesire 1 0
SHIFTER - shi'nva '3'
Above the floor, listing from side to side, we glide through the tunnel. There is no fear in our hearts, even in this pitch black darkness that not even the keenest surface eyes can see through. The rocks jut from the walls and ceiling, and those not careful will find themselves with a face full of boulder. The floor is smooth though, worn by centuries of padded feet (and more than a few clearing spells likely). Sure, it has its occasional bump or extending rock. But for the most part, it is distinct.
This, friends, is the main road in and out of Menzoberranzan. For the moment, it is quiet, but often soldiers stalk silently down its length before darting off into tunnels that led off in many spiraling and labyrinth-like structures. Merchants, both drow and daring surface dwellers, also bring their caravans down this way (though “caravan” is probably the wrong term).
If we had heat sensing eyes, we would be able to see the slowly fading pink footprints of a small group of scou
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Acrostic Haiku Entry- Spyglass
Stars, Moon, Clouds; Over World
Pieces of the vast heavens,
Yet Rest in His Eyes
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Vethonion and Tuilindo by HeilyAens
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Check it out! I'm a member of :

About time I got a journal started, much as I dislike online journals. Here's a few things to know about me (I stole it from an old friend's account):

Real Name: Hmm. I have another account on dA, so I won't share my real name. Lets go with Nadette Sinth
Nadette - Bear, Courageous (old german)
Sinth - Created name taking "Sin" and adding "th"
Age: 21 years

Found dA through: Myself, but before that, my RL friends

Family: Dad, Mom, Two Older brothers, numerous aunts uncles and cousins
Spouse/Partner: None.
Pet(s): Four cats, Three goats, Eleven Chickens, One Puggle
Cats: Iris, Mary Jane (MJ), Orion, Lulu (I named Iris and Orion)
Goats: Lissa, Pheobe, and Rosie
Chickens: Unnamed
Puggle: Gronkowski

Birthplace: MA, USA
Current Residence: . . . . Nearby.
Future Residence: Anywhere in Europe, or Maybe in Maine

Interests: Pretty Much everything. Ask and I've probably dabbled in it
Dislikes: Sometimes the whole world. Seems like there is really very little use fighting for anything
Fears: I don't know if I'm "scared" of anything. Not even death or cancer scare me. If I had to pick something, I'd say looking at dead bodies because I've watched too many horror movies.

Dreams: So many. I'd love to live in the country, in a house built into a hill, with a few goats and chickens, and a loving spouse and as many children as I can afford (though it MUST be an even number). I want to be a writer, so bad. But I just don't have whatever it is that I need to actually finish something (book-wise). If I can't write books I want to study Psychology, and I want a big library in my house, and a private garden next to the woods so I can see deer in the morning when in the kitchen.
Obstacles: Money always seems to be one, and of course that little missing element that keeps me from finishing my stories. . .

And finally, Whatever Else You Want to Say:
I originally made this account to dedicate it to my drow passion, but my desire to submit some of my work overruled that. So I'm going to try to keep it neat. I'd really like to find a bunch of people to critique my work and watch me, but so far I've found maybe two . . .
  • Listening to: Silence
  • Reading: The Last Unicorn (yeah yeah)


Nadette Sinth
United States
Current Residence: Shadowy Depths of the Mind
Favourite genre of music: Depends on my mood
Favourite style of art: Digital; Airbrushing (not to say I can, but yeah)
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano
Personal Quote: When Life gets Muddy, Laugh; Cuz what's more fun than playing in the mud?


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thats Amara


thats Lissa
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Heya, thanks for all your comments - I have just started reading through your "Shifter" saga and I have to say I love the concept. I'll drop a few more detailed lines when I've read further.

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