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Samurai Overlook

"Samurai Overlook" - a piece for the upcoming game "Medieval Samurai" (working title).

The game is about a samurai who is dishonored when he let his master die. He is cursed by the emperor of Japan (who is a god) to walk the earth until he regains his honor. The game sees the samurai wandering a medieval world in hope of regaining his honor. It's set in medieval times, with superstitions of myths being real.

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we will see a realistic sword duel between knights and samurai?

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Excellent detailed work!
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sounds epic and like my kinda game!
whats it planed for? ps4 xbox1 wii-u pc?
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It's for PC, but it's not a big 3D game. :) Maybe one day though! It's on hold for now.
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Really nice, keep it up!
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hotdiggity! that looks sick, dude!
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Poor samurai is lost...
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I just love drawings like this! Good job!:))
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My humble thanks! :D
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Really good aerial perspective . I like the sense of vastness and the composition. It makes me want to fly on the back of a dragon through it
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Wouldn't that be super sweet? :D Haha! Thank you.
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A wonderful job. I like it very ........ you have my respect!Nod 
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My greatest appreciations. Thank you!
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I need a book cover that is gonna be for my new professional book coming out. I need a teenage boy in the middle of the cover flying in mid air with his back stretched out like he has been exorcized and I want a phoenix aura around him. I want his whole entire body to have the aura of the fire phoniex so his whole entire body will be made of fire like the torch but with Jean Grey phoenix around him (Search marvel comic books to find out who they are if you don't know). For the background I want it to be a darkened city that has neon green little lights in the background like green energy blast. Besides that r background should take the time of at night and in the middle of a huge mansion/school
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Contact me at walid (at )!
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That's Mesmerising!!
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