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Digital Painting Tutorial: Painting Vegetation

Here is a video tutorial where I'm guiding you through 3 techniques on how to paint grass, moss, fields, trees, bushes, and more.


Brush pack:…

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The tutorial is 404

please fix!

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This is amazing! Thank you 
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Hello! There's an issue when trying to download the brush pack, where clicking on the download leads me to a webpage of nothing but mixed symbols and letters - is this on my end, or is there something wrong with the download itself?
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Hey! Try another browser, like Chrome. :) Best, W.
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Oh, I'm sorry- I didn't see the warning below the download button! My bad, I'm able to download it now. Thanks!
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site isnt working :C
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finally i see how some artists do grass thanks allot
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The tutorial and the brush pack is really helpful! Thank you very much for this :)
Here's my first take on it :
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thank you very much for posting this! your tutorial and brush pack were extremely helpful <3
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thank you i learn from your tutorial too
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thanks. this is helpful :D
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Awesome, cheers! Be sure to sign up to the design newsletter for more! :)
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Thank you very much Tackling hug 
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