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At The Night's Watch

This is something I drew a while ago while reading the first of the A Song of Ice and Fire series (I'm currently reading A Dance With Dragons, the fifth in the series).

Its a quick speedpainting of some black brothers reaching a minor holdfast of the Wall.

Im gonna paint more of A Song of Ice and Fire-motives, on canvas as well as digitally, when I get the time!
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Speedpainting = Badasspainting. Simple but awesome.
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Cold and quiet, I can almost feel it. Great work.
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this is so gorgeous!
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i'm glad you like it :)
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awsome :)
what sort of brush did you use? it looks exactly like dry brushing paint
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thanks :) Check out my speedpainting tutorial, in the description of the youtube link you will find the brushes!
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I made this my wallpaper immediately. I haven't seen much art that cuts right through to the essence of the story's epicness, but you've done that and more. Stunning, my friend.
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Kind words! Thanks alot :)
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featured! [link] Fave for more exposure! :eager:
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your artwork was featured here! [link]
i love this atmosphere in this piece, keep up the great work!
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Cool! Thank you! :)
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Nice job, love the scale of the piece
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It has a great feeling to it, very.. norther-ish and wall-ish hehe :) nice job.
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Exactly my meaning! Thank you :D
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Very cool did you use the game of thrones as inspiration by any chance ;P ?
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Of course, thanks!
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Ooh nice painting! Pics with wide landscape and just tiny human beings in a corner are always fantastic! Your lighting is pretty awesome too.
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