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Sister Smoochies
Marisol has a deep admiration for her oldest triplet sister, Maricela, even though Maricela doesn't know why. Despite Maricela being the witty, introverted, and grumpy genius sister, Marisol looks up to Maricela and sees her as someone she can always talk to, or count on if she's ever in trouble. Maricela loves Marisol as well, but is not nearly as affectionate as the youngest triplet. Maricela admires Marisol for being brave, loyal, and accepting of Maricela's quirky interests, such as emo fashion, outer space/aliens, books, and macabre subjects.
Caperucita Roja
Here is Maribel in a Little Red Riding Hood-type outfit (the cloak, not the 80s outfit). XD I drew this for a reason, but I'm not going to say why just yet. Anyway, it involves a mysterious ruby jewel which her sentient hair that she calls "Curlie," is holding it up for her to see it.
Hearts 4 U
The triplets and their baby sister celebrate Valentine's Day, too! You'd better celebrate with them, or Marisa will break your heart as easily as she broke her paper cut-out heart! :O And, yes, Maricela is holding an actual heart that was inside another living organism! :O :O :O
On Cloud 9 With My Valentine
So I asked what Valentine's Day picture I should make about Kadeem and Frannie. One of the answers was them being on a cloud (thank you to those who helped me, btw)! ^^ I really like how this one turned out! Kadeem's shirt, Frannie's boots, lips, and bandanna are all supposed to be red, but I put a filter on the picture and they turned white. Nevertheless, I'm still very satisfied with it! :D 
Be My Van Halentine
I haven't drawn Aleisha Baudelaire in years, let alone a picture with her and Jamar! Good times! XD Anyways, Jamar is an expert in solving mysteries and is always calm, cool, and collected when facing his adversaries. When it comes to romance, however, Jamar is not so much of an expert like Kadeem is. So, when Jamar sees Aleisha, his palms always get sweaty, his knees tremble, and he stutters and mumbles every time he tries to talk to her. This Valentine's Day, he had the guts to make her a gift, but it didn't go exactly as planned. XD
This is for the #showyourheart event! 

Underneath the tree
I wait for my Valentine
But he never comes

It's a downer, but it'd probably be true in my case. XD
I have lots of favorite groups, but my most favorite would probably be: :iconart--is--love: because you can upload many varieties of art! ^^

It was a long time ago, but I think this one may have been the first deviation that I faved by BluebearyMuffin :
Bashful Beauty - CLOSED by BluebearyMuffin
This is for the #showyourheart event! Hope you enjoy! ^^

I LOVE the Pixar movie Brave! I literally cry every time I watch it. It's just that I'm really happy with the way Merida's character was developed throughout the film. At first, she was stubborn, irresponsible, and unwilling to hear her mother's point of view. The thing I found most admirable about Merida is in the scene where she, herself, had to pacify the clan leaders when they were about to kill each other. My favorite part was admitting that she was wrong, and in front of all four clans, including her own. That, in and of itself, is a very brave thing to do, in my opinion. I don't think that most people would be willing to admit that they were wrong, especially in front of a large crowd. It was then that Merida saw a greater purpose other than her own, and was then willing to sacrifice her freedom for the safety of her kingdom. She was put to shame, and became humble! After everything Merida had been through while Elinor, her mother, was a bear, she saw the error of her ways, and found out that her duties as a princess actually have an impact on her kingdom, and that people rely on her to keep peace between the four clans. At the beginning of the movie, Merida was unwilling to sacrifice her freedom for her kingdom, however, as the movie progresses, a sense of responsibility is blossoming inside of her, due to trying to return Elinor to her original state as a human. I think Merida had a fear that she would never have freedom to do what she wanted as long as she was married, but at the very end, we see that this is not so, because we see Elinor having some fun time with her daughter as they raced each other on horseback until the movie ended. This proves that you can have duties as a princess, or queen, and still have leisure time. But I think that Brave teaches the audience a very important lesson, maybe two. One I can think of is that sometimes, you have to make sacrifices, even though it may seem hard. But you might find that sacrificing what you want for what needs to be done may lead to a better outcome than you had previously thought, like in Brave. I think the second lesson that Brave teaches you is much more overlooked than the first, and that is to humble yourself, and I feel that this lesson is much more important than the first. It's also a lesson I try to keep in mind for myself, as I feel this lesson matters to me very much. I'm not going to lie, I struggle with it everyday, but I try to be as humble as I possibly can and I'd always like to be that way until I die. It's okay to make mistakes because we all make them, but the important thing is that you acknowledge your mistakes and do what you need, or can, to fix them, not run from them and make yourself out to be all high and mighty. Life has a way of reminding us humans are the exact opposite of high and mighty, so always remember to humble yourself. :)

I've found lots of Merida pictures that I adore, but here are my top 5:

Merida by Janots13
This is entitled "Merida," by the artist Janots13. I love this image because it's very realistic, and it's from one of my 
favorite scenes in the film where Merida slices wee Dingwall's arrow!

Merida by kirachel
This is entitled "Merida," by the artist kirachel. I love this image
because it has a casual Marida just relaxing. ^^ I love the flowers in her
hair, and her turquoise-colored boots are awesome! :D

Merida by PatrickFinch
This is entitled "Merida," by the artist PatrickFinch. I love this image 
because it's a different art style of Merida than what I'm used to seeing.
I like the fullness of her lips; they make her seem super sassy, and a certain level of sass
is always cool with female cartoon characters!

Merida by RiverCreek
This is entitled "Merida" by the artist RiverCreek. I love this picture because...I mean,
c'mon, do I have to say it? It's too freakin' adorable! XD

Merida by briannacherrygarcia
Last,but definitely not least, this is entitled "Merida" by the artist briannacherrygarcia.
I love this image because it shows Merida's true, playful character. And she looks
pretty mysterious in that cloak of hers! :D

As aforementioned, there are waaaaay much more awesome pictures of Merida and about the movie Brave,
but these are the ones that stood out to me most. 

Here's a piece of fanart I drew myself of my most favorite Disney princess ever! ^^ It's definitely not
as good as other Merida fanart, not by a longshot, but I just like to show my love for Merida and the very film she stars in:

My Merida Drawing by SolaSista94

Thank you guys for reading! Remember to stay humble! <3

I actually have a lot of pictures relating to Valentine's Day! Here are most, if not all, of them XD:
Mad At You, or About You? by SolaSista94   LaReina de Corazones by SolaSista94   Jamar's Afro Pillow by SolaSista94   Our Love Will Fly by SolaSista94   Hugs and Kisses by SolaSista94   El Conquistador Del Amor by SolaSista94   Kadeem Dances With Frannie by SolaSista94   The Dancer of Romance by SolaSista94   Kadeem the Flirty Quisqueyano by SolaSista94   Dangerous Duckies by SolaSista94   El Amor de Mi Vida by SolaSista94   A Love From the Past by SolaSista94   Mi Corazon Arde Con Pasion Por Ti! by SolaSista94   Kadeem's Main Squeeze by SolaSista94   Frannie Meets Kadeem by SolaSista94   Quieres Jugar El Besobol Conmigo? by SolaSista94   Siempre A Tu Lado by SolaSista94   Crushed by SolaSista94   Kadeem's Number One Fan by SolaSista94   Sonrie, Mamacita! by SolaSista94   La Prisionera de Amor by SolaSista94  


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