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The SolasFanclub Charter

"A true god need not prove himself. Anyone who does is either mad or lying."

Andaran atish'an, lethallenen.

Come not to Solasan, lest ye be a true devotee of Pride. Fear not the Wolf, for He too is an artist. Should He catch your scent, may you be blessed with His artistic knowledge, and share it with the world.

Fen Harel enansal, falonen.

Ar lasa mala revas. Dareth shiral.



All members shall conduct themselves graciously, mercifully, respectfully and patiently. This is a place of safe harbour, lethallenen. Let it remain as such.

Disputes between members will be mediated by myself and the other administrators.

Trolling or other abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. I assure you, a rift in the face is not a pleasant way to be dispelled from the group.


All art must be an original work by the owner.

Any reference materials used (such as photo stock) must be linked back to the owner unless it is "opensource" - whatever that is. I'll ask Varric to explain it later.

Screenshots, both unaltered and altered, are allowed, but they must not be passed off as original works and can be submitted to the "Screenshots" folder only.

All art must be submitted to the correct folder. There are descriptions of the content in each folder. Please read them before submitting.

No one bar the admins are allowed to submit to the Favourites or Featured folders. All artwork submitted there will be declined, and asked to be resubmitted to the appropriate folder.

"NSFW" or sexually explicit content is both allowed and encouraged. However there are minors on deviantArt so NSFW work is restricted to the NSFW file. That includes both art and literature. It cannot be submitted to the Featured or Favourites folders.

Art Theft

Art theft is forbidden under Inquisition law. Any and all suspected perpetrators will be immediately beheaded by our resident assassins, or sent into the Fade via their own personal rift. They will also be reported to the authorities.

Any false claims of art theft will result in the above being done to the person making the false claim.

Any artworks that appear to be too similar in style and content will be investigated by the administrators and the artists questioned to ensure that an act of art theft has not occurred.

Art theft is a serious crime. I do not approve of it. My sister Lavellans do not approve of it. Ma vhenan - The Dread Wolf - does not approve of it. Too many people have fallen victim to it. I do not wish to see any of my fellow clan members be subjected as well.


The rules and regulations within The SolasFanclub Charter are liable to be revised should the need arise.

Thank you for your time, lethallenen.

Fen Harel enansal.

Dareth shiral.

Lady Inquisitor Keeper Kani Lavellan.


See you in my dreams by mappeli See you in my dreams :iconmappeli:mappeli 13 0 IrAbelas by mappeli IrAbelas :iconmappeli:mappeli 11 0 SeeYouInMyDreams by mappeli SeeYouInMyDreams :iconmappeli:mappeli 9 0 Lavellan by mappeli Lavellan :iconmappeli:mappeli 23 1 ... by mappeli ... :iconmappeli:mappeli 25 0 Sol1 by AnnaHelme Sol1 :iconannahelme:AnnaHelme 51 2 In the Fade by MissBasha
Mature content
In the Fade :iconmissbasha:MissBasha 98 9
The story of Dadvellan by Ioana-Muresan The story of Dadvellan :iconioana-muresan:Ioana-Muresan 199 23 Before the Band stops playing by zanephiri Before the Band stops playing :iconzanephiri:zanephiri 74 13 trespasser by pain-art trespasser :iconpain-art:pain-art 33 2 Fen'harel the Dread Wolf by ARISA777o-w-o Fen'harel the Dread Wolf :iconarisa777o-w-o:ARISA777o-w-o 107 14 Into the burial by SlaveToTheMocha Into the burial :iconslavetothemocha:SlaveToTheMocha 49 8 Final Farewell by Espamistwalker Final Farewell :iconespamistwalker:Espamistwalker 26 2 Wolf in my Dreams by ChloexBowie Wolf in my Dreams :iconchloexbowie:ChloexBowie 97 19 Light play by RuxandraLache Light play :iconruxandralache:RuxandraLache 32 2 Solas Portrait by Louvette Solas Portrait :iconlouvette:Louvette 54 14

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Mature Content

DAI: Tangled Wood {Solavellan} by LadyTheirin
Fanfiction - Trespasser
Fanfiction - Solavellan - Trespasser
Inktober: Long by Nikranel
Original Characters
Who Am I To Stop You? by mothmanaintshit
Wolf's Dream by Nikranel
Competitions and Competition Prizes
may the dread wolf... by mappeli
Hobo apostate elfy elf by mappeli
Holiday-themed Pieces
DAI: Trick or Treat {Solavellan} by LadyTheirin
Fem'harel 3 by coolbyproxy
Lavellan the Supreme Strategist by NorroenDyrd
Dagoth Harel by NorroenDyrd

Group Info

"A true god need not prove himself. Anyone who does is either mad or lying."

Andaran atish'an, lethallenen.

Come not to Solasan, lest ye be a true devotee of Pride. Fear not the Wolf, for He is an artist as well. Should He catch your scent, may you be blessed with His artistic knowledge, and share it with the world.

Fen Harel enaste, falonen.

Ar lasa mala revas. Dareth shiral.
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Adaran Atish'an, lethallenen.

Abelas for my inactivity. My darling vher murdered my PC... again. *sigh* I love my cats but honestly they really do a number on my stuff, especially Tabitha with her soft, fine fur and her sadistic technophobic tendencies.

I now have a new system I have named Solas. The last one didn't have a name but the one before it was Garrus, and I have like a half dozen Thanes so I figured I would continue the trend.

Group-wise, I have just finished accepting new submissions and members who's applications were still active, but if you submitted something and the application/submission expired, please feel free to submit it again, and I'll accept it asap.

That said, real life is a pain, so I am still looking for a third admin who can step up when mappeli and I are unable to be around. Just looking at our journal log should  tell you that last year and most of this year were not great for us in general. Duties will include just accepting submissions and new members, and making sure everything is in the correct folder. Pop up a comment on this journal if you're interested, and I'll send you a message asap. With the new game in development I want to get out in front of this before any more information drops.

Ma serranas for your understanding.

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