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Please help.(Closed)

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 3, 2016, 4:19 PM

a BIG Thank you for those who helped my reach my goal! i dont know what i would do without you guys.
tagging the people whom helped me reach my goal.
Big thanks To WingPM
Also therealluckgandor for spreading the word for me. 
Also someone else who commissioned me over at my live stream last night.whom resides over at furraffinity wo commisioned this lovely piece from me.
Love beyond worlds by SolarXolverite

You have a good place in my heart and i will honour you on my page

some how i lost my Buss Pass and i need a new one but sadly i do not have that money.

i need 70usd /790KR to buy a new one.
im ready to take on Commissions in return. every little ammount will help. 

i need the buss pass for my studies to get to school and then home. right now i pay tickets to get to school but the money im paying with wont last long.

Thanks for reading and considering to help me.

if you dont have mney please spread the word for my sake <3

What i offer in return!

Hanging Out by SolarXolverite Browin by SolarXolverite Tilda by SolarXolverite Toki stroll RoF by SolarXolverite Show RoM by SolarXolverite Easter by SolarXolverite

Hi grampa by SolarXolverite Cuddle by SolarXolverite

Auction price by SolarXolverite.:Error-303:. by SolarXolveriteBonneh by SolarXolveriteIcon by SolarXolveriteicon commission by SolarXolverite

i have 300 points = 3usd

i also auction a week long of me drawing for you and showing how i draw with private livestreams. giving you tips and tricks
i will draw art for you the week long but with a restriction of max 3-4 drawings a day.

to Bid reply to this… comment and reply to the latest bidder.

70/70 USD

WingPM Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2016
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April 3, 2016


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