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ive been thinking of this for so long and now its happening. and this is for my watchers alone but dont worry just watch me and you too can join in this fun contest

this contest have nothing to do with art in anyway which means no one have to draw anything.

Instead what you guys need to do is to find me. like hide and seek Sound simple enough?
okay to find me you need to find a account here on deviant art who is featuring this drawing right here
--> Groupie! by Pikaboifindyou
when you find the accound post on its profile "Tag you are it" to win. when you find me keep it a secret to give the others a chance to find me on their own.
and ofcorse since its a contest there have to me prizes aint i right. 
there will be 3 prizes.

1st place:50points
2nd place:35points
3rd place:15points
i might add more prizes but i dont know yet.

and why am i hosting this contest? well i have reached over 400 watchers here on deviantart and i felt like doing a contest to celebrate it :D

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Submitted on
June 23, 2015