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since im bad at wishing for stuff ill make it simple x3
1 Drawings of my characters, i love all of my characters even if i dont draw them often ^^
some of my characters Bonny by SolarXolveriteBonny Anthro by SolarXolveriteSifuri by SolarXolveriteCustodi by SolarXolveritePino by SolarXolveriteElesia by SolarXolverite(elesias tail is broken)Vector by SolarXolveriteLiber by SolarXolveriteTristan by SolarXolveriteZane by SolarXolveriteWolfen by SolarXolveriteElvira by SolarXolveriteTilda by SolarXolveriteStar by SolarXolverite socks by SolarXolverite Somium by SolarXolverite kelsy by SolarXolveriteKnatten :3 by SolarXolveriteShihiro's ref by SolarXolveriteJack The Puppy by SolarXolveritePretty Water by SolarXolveriteplaing in the water by SolarXolveriteNew Charakter by SolarXolveriteEmmet The Demon by SolarXolveriteEmmet and his Bird by SolarXolverite

2 I love stories alot and when they are made for me i tend to read them now and then x3 even takes insperations from them.
3 designs are also okay :) i like stripes and nature like designs with small neon colours but not too much ^^;
4 closed species (that i dont own)
more or less what ever floats your boat haha

and i guess i should list things i like then.
the like list is not in order XD.
cute, cool, original, creative, funny, spiderman, deadpool, demons, pokemon, ziggzagoon, anime, animals and stuff like that ^^;
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Submitted on
November 23, 2015