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my tablet have started to act up so im planning on getting a new one. but this time i would like to upgrade and that is well... Expensive so i will putt all money i get from commissions into that fund. So i need about 500USD to buy one that i'm having my eyes on
i take points aswell through a widget 1USD = 100Points

what art can i do?
Oc character art
Arpg art
character designs
journal skins
and more!

Form to fill when commissioning me.

Character reference: (a prefferably unshaded picture of your character)
Type of commission: (What im offering below or if you want something else thats not currently here)
Payment type: (Points or usd)
Additional information: (pose, personality,gender,gift? or other)

Woopwoop by SolarXolverite YCH commission by SolarXolverite
Sketchy head shot coloured and shaded
Browin by SolarXolveriteTiny cute and mad Solar by SolarXolverite
Chibi. not shaded simple anatomy

At with xxjaykittyxx by SolarXolverite IceCream Yum by SolarXolverite
Flat coloured full shading

Tilda by SolarXolveriteprouder than you by SolarXolveritePoint commission by SolarXolveritepink pupper punker by SolarXolveriteill get to you flower. sooner or later. by SolarXolveriteBonny by SolarXolverite

1000Points /10USD
Full body coloured and shaded. more details

Buggy Love by SolarXolverite you cant catch me :ROK: by SolarXolverite Rite of fortitude by SolarXolverite Rof- Its just a bit further sister by SolarXolverite

Mature Content

Solar by SolarXolverite

Full painting coloured shaded with a somewhat complex background 

More art ive made

Monster by SolarXolveriteNaughty cookie stealer by SolarXolverite

Commission by SolarXolveriteEmmet by SolarXolveritePrize by SolarXolveriteVlads ref by SolarXolverite
                                                    Sapphire by SolarXolveriteJolly face by SolarXolveriteGrump by SolarXolverite

Pvp Entry by Solarxolverite-ArpgEris by Solarxolverite-Arpgych Finished by Solarxolverite-ArpgLove Is An Open Door by Solarxolverite-ArpgA new point of view by Solarxolverite-Arpg
Seed stepp by Solarxolverite-ArpgNew Canvas by Solarxolverite-ArpgSeed by Solarxolverite-Arpg

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November 27, 2017


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