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Traditional comissions by SolarXolverite Traditional comissions by SolarXolverite
Ive been thinking since i can not draw digitally i can atleast open comissions for traditional art.
people who comission me from Sweden and germany (i havent sent letters to other countries ^^; )can get the comission sent to them through letter. 
though the price will be higher cause it aint free to post XD
the comission prices will be like this. and note that 100 Points is 8 Swedish kronor.
170. points equals roughly 14 swedish kronor that equals the shipping from sweden to germany.' and the shiping within sweden will be about 80-90 points
so that is the lowest price to get it shipped to you. what ever you order will go with that price as long as its not a huge comission.
for those who dont want theirs sent to them the prises will be following.
30:points: for a sketch that is simple like the middles are
50:points: for a sketch/drawing like the one to the left. (can be coloured)
100:points: for an more detailed drawing like the upper corner to the right.
and 50:points for a cleaner drawing like the one on the right bottom corner. the lines are drawn with a black marker while its coloured in with pencils.
i draw cats dogs wolves. willing to do chibi humans for 40:points: 
i dont draw mlp, horses, detailed humans prefer not dragons.
if you have any quiestions just ask i do not bite at all.

(saving up points to buy Christmas presents))
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October 21, 2015
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