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Goat hunt by SolarXolverite Goat hunt by SolarXolverite
Hunt short:

Samira a tundra seal along with Marv a greying brown Tokota with marked accents and pangare was laying in the soft grass when two other tokotas Joined them. Barbie a tawny with marked accents collar and pangare and a graying tundra with marked collar and accents. The tundra whom was named Boomer was abit annoyed as Barbie had tried to convince him to go with her to pick some flowers with her. But he didn't want to do he came to complain about it to Samira. The seal female watched the male with her Skyblue eyes. She could care less of what he thought. She after a while stood up.
"Why not just go on a hunt"
she said looking at the group. Everyone seemed like they agreed except for Barbie whom just wanted to pick flowers.
"Come on. If you come on the hunt I'll personally go with you and pick flowers"
Samira said looking at the Tawny coated female who seemed like if she became happy about that as she nodded to the seal female who had taken on the leading position in the group. She decided that the small group would hunt in the mountain though before they got too far A little Toki that looked like if it was a lost puppy approached the four Tokotas. Marv whom had meet this Toki before greeted her with a gentle wag of his tail.
"We're gonna go out and hunt. Would you want to Join us?"
He asked with a smile. The small Toki had earned the little respect that he had towards others. The little marked tawny Toki with accents and pangare wagged her small tail to him.
"I was about to ask the same Marv"
she said looking at him.
"Oh you remember my name.. Uhh potch?"
the small Tokota corrected him.
"That's what I said"
he said with a chuckle to her.
she said with a small smirk to him.
"Oh yeah. These are my friends and pack mates."
Marv said looking at the others.
"I'm Samira nice to meet you"
the seal coated Tokota said.
"I'm boomer"
the marked graying tundra with accents said.
"And I'm Barbie!"
The tawny said with a excited  giggle as she wagged her tail.
"So you will join us in our hunt?"
Samira asked looking at the small Toki.
"It's nice to meet you"
the tawny Toki said looking at them.
"I'd love to" she then said with a smile to the group. 
Marv wagged his tail happy about the answer.
"Okay let's move out then"
Samira said taking the lead of the group. Peach was running beside Marv whom was running behind Samira. Boomer and Barbie was running next to each other. The group would soon reach a small Forest opening at the foot of a small mountain. The group had slowed down by then. The five of them looked around for prey to catch. Peach laid her eyes on a white Mountain goat. She licked her muzzle before she started to tip alerting the others that she had found something. She then sneaked up at the small goat. Though before she could reach it, it got spooked. She ran after it in her top speed but wasn't able to catch up to it. Though the others soon arrived shading after it.
"Marv!  Run to it and herd it to the meadow we can make a surprise attack there!"
Samira shouted to the greying brown Tokota whom gave her a nod. He was the fastest of the group. Samira lead the rest of the group to the meadow. Letting them hide in the bushes while waiting on Marv and the goat to arrive so they could take out the unsuspecting prey.  
The air was tense while the four tokotas was waiting for the graying brown to deliver the prey. Soon loud fast moving paw sprints could be heard as the big male chasing the goat appeared through the bushes. Seeing the others he slowed down to let the others take care of the rest. The male were almost in a complete stop as he watched the others taking town the prey. Samira caught the goat in her yaws peach boomer and Barbie restrained the goat before it was finished. Samira let go of the goat first and trotted over to the exhausted Marv and lovingly and gently nudged her head against his.
"Awesome work as always"
she said in a gentle voice to him. A small smile grew on his maw as she praised him for his hard work. The others soon did the same. The five had smiles on their muzzles. Samira picked up the goat in her jaw and walked with the others home.
"If you want you can get the horns, peach"
Samira said looking down at the small Toki.
"I'd love that"
she said with a smile wand with a wagging tail. The group walked home and split the rewards they got. 

Its atleast 800 words= 4HP

:thumb: to Peach wich equals in a total 0f 20/30 Hp!
Total = 11
3(fb colored shaded) + 2(complex bg) +4(800 WC) +2(hunt)

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