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Custodi by SolarXolverite Custodi by SolarXolverite
name meaning:guard

Custodi is known for his lantern that he is carrying around where ever he goes when its dark outside. he is also called "The Guardian Of The night" 
He is not the polite type of guy but when he feels like being nice he shows it the best he can. the eye patch he wears is to hide his scar covered eye.
His story starts like any other canines. He was born into a litter of four. In this litter there were him self his brothers and his two sisters. His mom raised him and his siblings until they reached the year of 1. He decided to take off on his own journey. He decided to explore the mountains where he found something he never had seen before. His mother had told story's about creatures walking on two legs. His mother refereed to them as hominis(human). His curiosity took the upper hand of him and she slowly followed it. Seeing that it seemed weak he slowly walked close to it to smell. The creature watched him and he could see the fear in the creatures eyes. He kept his distance then walked away to get something to eat when the he heard the creature following him. He ignored it at first as he kept on searching for food. He waled trough bushes of berries the the creature ate as it followed him. The days passed and the creature refused to leave him. Where ever he went the creature was there, as they reached the top of the mountain the creature let out a loud voice and was moving weirdly. The creature climbed down from the mountain. He followed it with curiosity. Once down and out of the forest he found him self in a small village. He had seen one before but never been in one before so he felt nervous, but he followed the creature. The dogs in the village did not want him there so they tried to attack him but something were keeping them away from him. The sound of dogs barking made lights start to appear like magic and the next thing he knew he was chased by creatures like the one who had been following him. Some threw rocks and others threw sticks with a sharp end one of the sticks hit his eye. He made his escape into the forest hiding from the creatures. His eye got infected and before long it had been so damage he could not use it any more. As the year passed he had found him self fighting in allot of fights, he wanted to get stronger. He got scars that his fur covered before long.
He slowly learned what type of the creatures was nice and who was mean. There were the nice ones that tended to his wounds when ever he needed it and they gave him the eye patch that he always wears. He got the lantern from a guard that had taken a liking to him. He always carried the lantern as a accompanied the guard on his night shift. But as the times passed the guard stopped going on his shift leaving him Custodi doing them by him self as a routine and he have kept on doing it until this day.
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Katagion Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Love the way you did the bandages xD
SolarXolverite Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks x3
SnowFox97 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
me like this one :D
SolarXolverite Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
thx :3
SnowFox97 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014
no probs :)
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June 19, 2014
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