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Button Mash vs Button's Mom (NATG III Day 8)

By SolarSpark
Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 8: Draw a pony playing a game/Draw a pony winning!
Button Mash's pride takes a hit when he is beat at his own video game by his mother. Poor guy :ohnoes:

Button's Mom is from Button Adventures by JanAnimations:

As usual, thanks for viewing :)
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Even in real life, you still suck at beating your mom!
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That will still be expected :P
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Very cool, the faces are great and I love the "teardrop" on Button, and the huge "MOM WINS" on the TV is awesome.  There was less of this concept than I thought there would be (Button and his Mom playing together/vs each other) but I think You've got one of the best of this specific idea!
SolarSpark's avatar
Thanks so much! That means a lot! :aww:

I was also surprised there weren't more of this idea. There was only one other that I recall coming across (This one). In fact, I was surprised to see so few of Button's Mom in general. Still there was quite a variety of ideas for yesterdays theme. It was intereasting seeing the different interpretations of characters being paired against one another.
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You are the second person (as of page 12) who drew this.
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I was surprised there weren't more with Button's Mom. Still there was a good variety of ideas for yesterdays theme.
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