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Urban Ocean

Urban Ocean 
( personal ) 
My cyberpunk series continue... 
W.D. 2016
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Seems like Pit City from The Incal (Moebius/Jodorowsky). A classic now!
Great job!
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There are hundreds of sci-fi cityscape pieces on this site, but this one stands out by being both feasible and actually looking like perhaps a pleasant place to live. 
hanestetico's avatar
Great! I like so much the sense of deep
SamWallaceArtisan's avatar
The tones and shapes give off kind of a Fifth Element vibe ... but it's way more detailed than that -- it's what that movie was *trying* to do. Definitely favoriting this one
FlipFlop1979's avatar
really cool artworks...
thanoune's avatar
senpai.jpg can't be better 
daniel-dangelo's avatar
dude, that's awesome
love how you made the buildings in a manhattan kind of way while still keeping a cyberpunk style
vinsky2002's avatar
oh, wow! interesting artwork
Tnynfox's avatar
I hope there's a self sustaining force field fence for the walkway.
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JoeySharkbait's avatar
Beautiful! I love cyberpunk. Very unique cityscape design.
Pr0crastronaut's avatar
I like this a lot, I feel like a lot of people just go for sort of the blazing lightss and colors and nightlife in cyberpunk so I think the color scheme in this one is really interesting and unique.
Dzulkifli27's avatar
Wow this is like the 5th element!Clap 
That is what I was reminded of.
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IRealTidyDesignI's avatar
nice bit of photo bashing
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HowlingSymphony's avatar
Love the idea and art man :D
TheLittleDoodler's avatar
Wait, did you use Hong Kong road signs as well as Hong Kong-based convenience store signs? XD

Because I see Circle K and the parking time limit on the far left guy's left, from this angle.

Nonetheless, this is awesome!
FatzJinXX's avatar
Impressive futurist looking city.
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