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Warhammer of Zillyhoo Prop Tutorial

By SolarSavant
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This has already circulated the internet for awhile, but posting it here is the first time I've uploaded it somewhere reliable. Last year I crafted this Warhammer of Zillyhoo, and assembled all the WIP photos into a decent tutorial. I've since encountered others who've used this as a guide to making a impressively large, fairly lightweight, and sturdy Warhammer. If you have any further questions, or want additional help or construction photos, feel free to ask in the comments.
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Hey, a little doubt, would it make much of a difference if I only used plaster instead of a plaster bandage?
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I'm kinda glad I came across this tutorial so early! I'm meeting up with a few of my friends at the beach this year and we are all cosplaying!
Seriously, this is a wonderful tutorial.
Thank you for sharing this!
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I got so disappointed I couldn't find the proper joint, then I saw in the picture you did what I did! (2 inch to 1-1/2, 1-1/2 to 1 inch), so I'm safe, haha!

Also, LOVING this guide so far. Everything has been relatively easy to find (Plaster was a bit of a beast but now that I know where to get it, should be easier to restock in the future), but I kinda had a chuckle the other night assembling the hilt of the hammer.

"You might want to try epoxy to make sure it doesn't wobble!"

"*Me, trying futilely to pull the pieces apart* I...don't know if I'll need that"

But, as they say, anything that CAN go might be better to epoxy it so that it doesn't come loose at the worst possible time.
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I am TOTALLY using your tutorial for Connooga next year! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS AWESOME TUTORIAL!!!!!
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You're going to Connooga?? Me too!! : O
LaFreakALeShow's avatar
Cool! Are you going to cosplay???? Maybe if we see each other, I can say hi!
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Yes, definitely cosplaying!

I'm going as a HS character, but I can't decide who 
LaFreakALeShow's avatar

Who do you think you could pull off? (I thought about my height, personality, and lack of funding, and eventually came up with John :3)
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Mmmmm... I guess John lol, since he's the cosplay I'm currently working on.

But I also have my Vriska and Karkat cosplays ready, so I'll have to think for a bit lol

(Actually might start on a Jake or Dirk cosplay owo)
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would you take prop commissions?
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I am making this its Litteraly almost the same size as me i am 4.8 XD THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT
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Glad to help! I'd love to see a photo of how the cosplay turns out.
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Are styrofoam blocks okay to use instead of floral foam?
Also, for the tape stripes around the handles, is there a certain length they should be?
(great tutorial, this will really help me!)
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Sorry for the delayed reply! I don't check DA much anymore. Styrofoam is essentially the exact same thing, some craft stores just call it floral foam when it's sold in large blocks like that. I didn't actually measure the tape stripes, but they were the length of the copy paper box top plus a couple inches, so about 3 feet. You can always put two back to back if it's too short.
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How did you attach the handle? I've made my own hammer (besides the tail) and I'm not sure how to attach the handle(Or the tail for that matter)
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Magical tool of hot glue
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For the handle, I carved a 2" or so slot using a knife, and then used lots of liquid epoxy and hot glue. Once the handle was inserted, I poured liquid epoxy all around the sides to seal it in nicely, and used a bit of hot glue around the top to make sure it would stay in place while it dried. The tail was attached much the same way, epoxy and hot glue and holding them together.
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Thank you so much! It's been giving me a lot of trouble.
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I can not for the life of me find the foam blocks I have been to every store around me for miles. 3'x1'x4'? Is that a typo? Lol
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It's not a typo, it's 3'x'1'x4", as in 3 feet x 1 foot x 4 inches. Check near the floral supplies. Michaels sells slightly smaller blocks online (up to 1.5' x 1' x 1") that could work just as well for very cheap, though you'd have to layer more of them to get the proper thickness. Here's a link!…
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Sorry I was on my iphone and it morphed  the ". But how durable is it? I was gonna dance to "stop hammer time."
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Moderately durable! Certainly durable enough to wave around and dance with, but not suitable for actual contact fighting or swinging at full force. The main thing to worry about it making sure the PVC handle is well attached to the foam, and inserted deep enough into the center foam block.
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