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The Guacomole Is Too Hot And I Feel Like Vomit

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This is what you see in the corner in your room at 3am

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It is a new breed

TerryMonahan's avatar

I had a creature like this in a dream

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Hey look. It’s Experiment-086 in it’s adolescent form.
bruhstorm's avatar

This is my sleep paralysis demon

MrSaucySauceMan's avatar

I dare you to print this on canvas, and sell it.

cutechickdDraws's avatar
beautiful, beautiful. You earned a favorite.

I actually came here from some past videos you made.
rainyrides's avatar
this is the embodiment of hell
Dolsejetsent's avatar
Sometimes, I just look back on this.
CasualNether's avatar
I love this Teletubby face creature.
Some-drawings's avatar
i'm the 1000 one to favorite this... ok then
AnonymousMan22's avatar

notice me teletubbies senpai

DaRealWendigoKing's avatar
he need frozen mayonaise
GodChickooon's avatar
Swiggity Swooty,

It's Comin' For Dat Booty
CasualNether's avatar
This is me everyday no matter what
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This needs to be removed I think I've fainted. Vomit Fountain Chainsaw Stupid 
Thedrawingrobot's avatar
Wow, you are so nice
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