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Commission for DragonsTEQ

heck this took me a while to get done :') Commission for DragonsTEQ of his five dragons, each holding an egg for a game he's making ^^ I've put a background on the upload so no one else but he can use the artwork. But also shoutout to him for being really understanding & a great customer.

edit: play the game here!

Do not alter/edit/reupload
only DragonsTEQ may use this
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StephDragonness's avatar
adorable commission u did these draggys :D
SolarRoseArt's avatar
victordragon747's avatar
They're so freaking adorable!!:iconlesqueeplz: Gosh, your chibi style is perfect and they look so great with it and I like how different you drew each other, but all of them are fantastic. I think that my fav one is the blue feathered dragon, it's so awesome and adorable and the work that you did with all those feathers is impressive.
SolarRoseArt's avatar
thank you!! I actually like her the best too :aww: Chibis are really fun for me to do 
victordragon747's avatar
No probs!  Nice!:brofist:  And fun to watch. :D
DragonsTEQ's avatar
Aaaaaaaah they're all so cute here :meow:

And you picked the perfect expression for each of them ! It matches their personality so well ! :heart:

Thanks a lot for your work, and I'll try to commission you again soon :heart:

And the game is here:
I only made 1 level for now, but still... :)
SolarRoseArt's avatar
but for some reason when I try to play it twice the level gets really small :(

no problem! I'm glad you like it! :aww:
DragonsTEQ's avatar
AH YUSH! Bravo Solar :dummy: I'll make up new levels now, so I can challenge you more :icongrinstareplz:

And yes, I saw that bug at work, and I think it's fixed now. I've also enlarged the touch zone of the arrows, so it's easier to play on mobile :)

And last, AND MOSTIMPORTANT, I saw that I forgot to use the eggs in the game :O So I now use them :)

And I'm gonna add you in the credits because I'm a dumb dude who forgot that >.>
[Edit: Credits added! At the bottom of the game's main page ]
SolarRoseArt's avatar
oh yay!!! yeah it looks much better now! the bug is all fixed 

OH LMAO I didn't even notice that. But thanks for the credit! ^^
DragonsTEQ's avatar
No problem :)
And I made a level 2 :dummy:

Next one, I might add a time limit :icongrinstareplz:

Oh, and if you wanna do some other lovely chibi eggs like that, then I will have some few characters for you :) (plus, I would love to also have Magma in there, she could be such a cutie with her egg :meow: )
SolarRoseArt's avatar
heck yeah I did the second level :dummy:

yeah I could do some more if you'd like :) just know I've got projects due every week so I might be busy ^^;
DragonsTEQ's avatar
No problem, you'll tell me if you have free time ;)

(and there's a 3rd level now, introducting time limit :) )
SolarRoseArt's avatar
that third level was so hard but I did it ;v; 

will do ^^
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