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Power: Minimalistic Theme for Rainmeter

By SolarPhoton
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Because sometimes, that's all you need to know

Yes, it actually displays battery level.

4 different sized batteries, "Power.ini" being the biggest and "Power s4.ini" being the smallest

Wallpaper: [link]

-rmskin DOES NOT install as a theme, instead it installs as a skin (I don't think it even deserves the title "theme" :dummy:)
-Battery level should work for most laptops, though it is noted on that some laptops do not support the plugin

Original image and PSD from [link] , thank you Allur!!!
(The creator had mentioned that it's a free image, so don't sue me :XD:)

Like it? Let me know with a fav ;)

Be sure to check out my other theme!!! [link]
© 2012 - 2020 SolarPhoton
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Are we able to make a smaller one?
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cajuuhHobbyist Digital Artist
great work
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epic-FUZZHobbyist General Artist
Cheers dude :D I like this
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its a every nice rainmeter . question can i plzs use your coding for my rainmeter battery it XD i will gave full credited to you of course and just add mod by me ( i know its lam to ask when i could just do it and just say modd by me  but it nice to ask :)  thanks for the nice rainmeter :) have a nice day good sir or madam 
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3M0-SWAGStudent Digital Artist
hey i made a smaller one(taskbar size) ill give you it if you want lol i needed a smaller one so thats what happened :3 XD
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it's very nice and simple too :)
using photoshop ???
SofiiTutorials1D's avatar
SofiiTutorials1DHobbyist Interface Designer
Its so,so beautiful :D
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Really-unimportantHobbyist General Artist
Short, and sweet. Awesome.
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it looks good.
ilmancelebes's avatar
how to add this file to skin in rainmeter ?
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How do you move it? Mine is stuck in the upper left!!
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SolarPhotonHobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for the late reply!!!
Right click on the battery, go down to settings and make sure "Draggable" is checked, it will then be movable.

Hope this helped!!! :D
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Wow. So large
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SolarPhotonHobbyist Digital Artist
So it's nice and clear :D
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erelchrisHobbyist Interface Designer
i suggest you make a vertical power meter too! ;D
Envinite's avatar
I rotate the images at Rainmeter/Skins/Power to vertical, but will it crash?
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SolarPhotonHobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh good idea!
I might work on that :XD:
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Yeh it works!
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Cool skin! I changed the "battery Inside s4.png" to .bak and opened it in Photoshop and raised the contrast and brightness making it entirely white. Looks great with my Dark theme, and all white rainmeter skins.

Thanks for the slick coding. Good addition.
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SolarPhotonHobbyist Digital Artist
That's awesome! Oh yes I love black and white, especially if you bring out the contrasts it looks phenomenal >.<
And thanks! Glad you liked it :D
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SolarPhoton's avatar
SolarPhotonHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :D
amilarajans's avatar
its nice man
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